Wednesday 18 December 2013

"Dashing through the... NO"



I havnt done one of these in a while, and I think ive missed it. There is a festive treat at the bottom of this page, but please read the blog post as I have put some effort into writing this.

So this week could possibly be one of the most stressful weeks of my life, completely my own fault of course.
But, its almost over, and Christmas is almost upon us.
Oh joy.. because ive bothered to do Christmas shopping, havnt I?

Obviously, being a girl and the fact that I said I love Christmas shopping, you'd think the answer would be yes,
Ive finished shopping for my mum..
But I literally havn't got anything for the rest of my family.
Ive sent off cards and stuff.. but no, thats it.
Which is making things a tiny bit worse.

But thats not why my weeks been stressful.
I had 2 assignments due in.
a 2000 word essay which I had only started the day before the due date and a website/evaluation type thing. I finished both on the due date, and literally it was the worst idea ever to leave to do so late and I dont know why I did it..
Maybe because im an idiot?
Yeah, i'm going with that.

Today, however, was interesting.
Emily and I sat in the library from 12:00pm till 7:00pm doing our work.
I finished mine and handed it in at 6, and stayed around for moral support..
Im sure I definitely would have been taking out my extension if Laura didnt help me, #fabulousfriend
But I think I just made Emily more stressed..
Being that I gave the polly pocket to a really hot guy (Sorry EM!)
I would have understood if she did it.. Im sure she was going to go find him to get it back off her mind..
I then sat there on Tumblr while (trying to) motivating her.
Not a good idea when ive been sat there for so long that my ass went numb and I was bored of staring at computer screens. Then I had a long walk home.. In the rain!!!!
Seriously, I thought Cardiff was bad for rain. I literally thought I was going to drown. It didnt help that I hadnt worn a coat, or brought an umbrella. Again, idiot.
Im kind of lucky that I wore a jumper over my WHITE vest though.  Even though the jumper did have holes in, (on purpose)
I bet every Tom, Dick and Harry could see my bra..

In other news, everyone went home the past week. Including Americans.
Its funny, Hannah and I sat there on Sunday and we both said how quiet it was without them, even though they only ever emerged from their room when they were getting food or something, it was weird not hearing "Hey guys" or "sup" every so often and im not sure I like it.
Ryan and Ellie left on Sunday, which was weird because Ryan's the loudest out the lot of us, so it definitely got a LOT quieter and Hannah definitely got weirder..
It was also very weird having to do work without my buddy, Ellie :(

I think she may be having withdrawal symptoms from the wild Ryan. Then on Tuesday, Eric left.. which made it a bit more weirder, because hes always flailing in and out of the kitchen making odd noises when hes not holed away in his nest.. Regency is just a very quiet place to live at the moment.
On Tuesday, after Eric left, Hannah and I did the whole "Lady date" because we were the last broken ones left.. We had "dine in for £10" which was awesome!
I was made to have Gammon, which im not fussed on.. but it wasnt too bad, but the chips, omgggggggg!!! They were amazing!
They werent just chips, they were M&S chips.
There was also this millionaires shortbread mousse type thing, which was alright, and we had this apple pop thing, because neither of us like wine. Anyway, it was a really nice evening and we both just stayed up talking about anything and everything, which is what usually happens when you stick me and Hann on our own together.

I dont think anything else has really happened, I got a couple of new books..
Cecelia Ahern - How to fall in love
Belle De Jour - The intimate adventures of a London call girl.

I only bought the second one because Ive been watching the TV show and thought it might be worth reading.
The first one was bought because, well.. I cant not by Cecelia Ahern's books. Addiction!!!

OK, thats all for now,
Laura, Ryan, Ellie and Eric, if you read this..

Thanks for reading.
Kirsten x


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