Thursday 10 April 2014

And if you couldn't be loved, the next best thing was to be let alone - L.M Montgomery


Hi there, people of the internet.

Quite recently, starting from Friday, people have left.
It is, of course, the start of Easter and obviously I knew it was going to happen, but that doesnt mean I like it.

First of all, it was Ellie.
But that happened a while before Friday.
She got VERY ill, which sucks because Tuesday it was her 19th birthday. In the last blog, I mentioned that Emily and I decided to day drink. Well, we were going to go to props to celebrate, but we didnt bother because Ellie wasnt here.
But, from what I gather she had a lovely birthday, and she loved the card we sent her!
The next person to leave was Eric. Which was weird as for Megan and I because our social life literally revolves around him.
On the Friday, before he left, we went to get milkshakes and went to the park.. Of course he took his penny board, but no accidents this time! We then walked him half way, and went in the opposite way, because Megan's mac was fixed and we were going to pick it up.
Then, on the Sunday Hannah and Ryan left.
Hannah was the most suprising because we didnt actually know she was leaving!
I thought i'd have her company till the 19th, then she goes to Ryans for like a week!
But nope, Megan and I came home from uni to say bye to Ry, and he told us she was gone! I was sad :-(
Then Ryan left..
It was a VERY quiet couple of days, and with time, Megan and I started acting like a old, married couple. Telling eachother where we were going and eating meals at the same time, and what not!
Now all the Americans have left to go on their adventures and im here on my own, left with my own thoughts. I dont like it.
Not that I dont like my own company, but I get a bit too much for myself.
I have honestly confined myself to my room, except for when I have to go to work. (I'll talk about that in a bit)
Its quite sad really.
Right now, I'm relying on snap chat, and Spotify to keep me sane.
I also haven't really been sleeping great because this flat scares me. And I know what everyone's thinking! Why don't you just go home for a bit? Honestly, I'm better off here! I know when I actually get a day off, ill spend the day in uni, just working! And I'll get more work done here than there, because my stupid Cardiff friends will distract me and then nothing will get done and I'll be rushing to get my work done, and that is not good.
On Sunday, it will be Megan's 21st birthday, and in hope she reads this, HAVE A FANTASTIC DAY GIRL! Before she left, we gave her a little card she could read on her trip, and it is the CUTEST card ever! Paperchase always does me proud.
She's already told me what she wants for her birthday, which I plan to get at the end of the month!

Now onto the whole "work" thing.
Last week (cant specifically remember when) I got a phone call, asking whether I was still interested in a job I had applied for in DECEMBER!
It was for French Connection, obviously I said yes, and was asked to go for an interview. After the interview, I was asked back for a trial shift on Saturday. On the Saturday, after my shift, I WAS OFFERED THE POSITION!!
I now work in French Connection 3 days a week, and I could not be happier. The clothes are beautiful and the people I work with are lovely. It probably could have come at a better time, like December. But whatever, at least i've got it now.

Seeing as i've been spending so much time on my own, ive been catching up on some youtubers I watch (zoella, sprinkleofglitter, tanyaburr, thatcherjoe, joeygraceffa, pointlessblog)
(Definition of a youtuber - Someone who uploads youtube videos, particularly someone who has some what of a fan base)

Basically, they have all just gone to a youtube convention called Playlist Live, and in ALL of their vlogs, they sing "Do you want to build a snowman?" from that overhyped film, Frozen.
This very song has been stuck in my head since Eric left and although it is getting very tiresome, its making me a lot happier than I have been over the past week!
I also read this super inspiring blog, which people should read because its lovely and I would love to do something like this for people one day.

heres the link >
I put the link to her about page because that's what I read.

Ok, I think im done!
Except I got 2 more assignments done from my list!
So really I only have to do my essays and my music pitch!

Thanks for reading.
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Kirsten x


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