Sunday 13 March 2016

Three months of hell.



Im literally not sure how long its been since I last wrote a blog post, so im using this as a form of procrastination.  Right now, I have a 10'000 word essay to write, as well as the other 7 deadlines I have coming up, but in true form, ive decided i'd rather sit on my bed typing on a laptop screen about how my life is at the moment and theres only one word I can use to describe it.


Fragile because I get a bit trashed last night, and im feeling the effects quite seriously. Fragile because I literally dont have a moment to myself where I shouldn't be doing anything. 

Last night was the second day of Glostoneberet; a fundraising gig that Tone Radio put on to raise money to run the radio station and quite honestly it was the strangest evening ever.
We only really watched the four acts in the barn which were Jack Cooper, Sahara Breeze, Photo Finish and Ten Tombs. 

Jack Cooper, Sahara Breeze and Ten Tombs are all made up of first year POMS (popular music) and they all smashed their sets to pieces like they always do. 
The only word I can muster up to describe Photo Finishes set is manic.
There were death walls and people diving to get merch and even beach balls. BEACH BALLS!!! 
This all happened in the pool room of the Frog and Fiddle, which isnt the biggest venue ever so it was stressful, terrifying and at the same time,  hilarious. 
They also got a member of a different band up to sing Rock Show by Blink 182 and it was a pretty sweet set up!

I've already written a blog post about the last time I saw them live, which i'll leave here [x]

Afterwards we decided to have a little flat party and i'm really not sure it was the greatest idea we've ever had. I woke us this morning in the corridor with nothing buy a blanket around me and two members of photo finish laughing at me.  The flat also had to be fumigated because of the stench of beer.

I thought I would go onto something a bit more serious now.
I have three months left of uni.
So many things have changed within the past three years and now the thing that has had the most impact on my life ever is ending.
We've all started to tell people to shut up because people keep mentioning it. Its not because we're behind on work, its because so much is going to change after May and we arent ready for it. At all. We all keep getting really emotional at really silly points, like when songs like Fall Out Boy - Thnks For The Memories came in the last time we went to props, and now none of us can listen to it without getting really sad.

I realise that the most change thats happened has been within the last year.
Right now: I have a 20 hour job, whereas last year I was skint and living of pasta most days
Im managing two acts, Sioux Falls, a fresher band who are literally the nicest guys and Katie Collins, the same young lady as last year
I dont talk to the same people as I did last year, but made a few more friends along the way.

All this being said, im pretty sure I was more happy last year. I was less stressed, I saw my family more, and I didnt have the looming threat of my last deadline.

Im pretty sure I got told in second year how much of a bitch third year was but I never anticipated it was going to be this awful.

Thats it for now,
Kirst x