Thursday 12 December 2013

On the second week of Christmas my teachers gave to me, 5 all nighters, 4 hours of crying, 3 mental breakdowns, 2 thoughts of drop outs, and a month of anxiety!



So this post is just general "what I've been upto" this week type of stuff.
Seeing as it's almost the end of term, all our lecturers have stuck a load of assignments on us. 
Ellie and I had 2 due in last week, and we've got 2 due in this week

Last weeks assignments weren't too bad I feel. We had a 2000 word essay due in for mapping out the music industry, for which we had to do a case study on a sector in the music industry. I chose festivals and mainly based it around Glastonbury and wake stock. It was really interesting to learn about and I'm glad I chose festivals to research.
We also had to group presentation, which we did on Universal Music Group.
WE TANKED! Like, it was awful, I'll be surprised if we even get a 2.2.
Next weeks assignments include a 5 page website with a 700 word evaluation which I've just found out has to be in HTML as well. We also have to do another 2000 word essay on something in film, which I don't quite get, but I will by Wednesday, I swear it.
I'm kind of lucky that I'm just as far behind as Ellie, so I don't feel too bad.

Last week, to celebrate the fact that we had got 2 assignments in within 2 days, we went to moo moos. And I swear to God I haven't been that drunk in SO long. The day after I found out that I was slut dropping and all sorts. I am a disgrace!!! I was also forced to keep a dog ugly boy in my bed, not cool. Despite all that, it was a really fun night

Tuesday night, we did our flat Christmas party as well, and it was AWESOME. My secret Santa, who turned out to be Georgia got me this "sexy firefighters" diary which was awesome, the bodies in there are fantastic and makes me wonder why the hell the UK don't have any like that. I also think that Jazmin, who I bought for loved her presents, which was a little popcorn holder type thing and a lush scarf which I was tempted to keep for myself, that's how much I liked it.
Me, and Hannah split of this Italian platter, which was MINT! It had like, mini pizzas, dough balls, lasagne bites, and mozzarella sticks(which the cheese fell out of) we also bought these brownie things which were terrible because they were literally the most meltiest things ever, so they went everywhere. Not cool!

We all got really drunk and played cards against humanity and ring of fire and played really awful songs and it was really fun, and I'm so so grateful to have these people in my life.

I also went home on Monday which brought my stress levels down by 100%. Love seeing my mum and also caught up with my buddies, Hannah, Jenny and Shannon.

That's all I really have to say now Barr, remember in my last post where I said I would be staying in regency on my own over Christmas break? Well I'm not now!!!
My buddy Hannah's staying aswell because she got a little Christmas job toooooo, yayyyy!

That's all I've got to say for now. No doubt there will be another one up soon.
Kirsten x


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