Tuesday 12 August 2014

Emily, I will kill you.


Hello there.

2 blog posts in a week, arent you lucky?
Basically, Emily (http://something-like-emily.blogspot.co.uk) has tagged me in this stupid post, and im bored, so im going to do it.

Its called 12 personal questions.

1) What do you order at Starbucks?
In the summer, Valencia orange cooler. In the winter, Mocha latte.

2) One thing in my closet you cant live without?
Scarves, or jumpers. I live in those suckers.

3) What's one thing most people don't know about you?
I get really bad anxiety if I know that change is going to happen/if its happening

4) Name one thing you want to do before you die.
Get married and have a sprog maybe. Either that or travel the world.

5) What's one food you cannot live without?

6) What quote/phrase do you live by?
"Things change and friends leave and life doesnt stop for anybody" Which is why its tattooed on me. If someone doesnt want to be in my life, theres nothing I can do.

7) What is your most listened to song on Itunes?
Its a cover of "Dont you worry Child" by Kingsland 

8) What kind of style would you define yourself as having?
Comfy, i reckon. 

9) Favourite number?
9, ironically

10) Two hobbies?
Reading and drinking

11) Two pet peeves?
Overly grumpy people, and people who think too much of themself

12) Guilty pleasure?
I enjoy a good teddy bear

Thats all, folks
This was quite hard post to write but not because I couldnt think of the answers. Belle was behind the laptop lid, hitting the keyboard the little bitch.

Hannah, Megan and Ashleigh, your turn.
Kirst x

Friday 8 August 2014

Long time no blog.


Hello there, people of the internet.

I honestly cannot remember the last time I wrote a blog post, so I thought i'd write one tonight.
Im not sure what to write about though.
I'm going to tell you about my recent trip to Bristol, and the fact that I have new job. But other than that, i havnt a jar of glue.
I even googled what to write about. I know thats lame.

It gave me a list of ideas though.
- last 10 things I googled
- top 10 products im wishing for right now
- 10 things to be happy about
- 10 things I value about my best friend

Honestly, I thought they were all such great ideas that im going to do them all in this one blog.

Over the past couple of weeks, my life has gotten a bit busy. I started my job in House of Fraser. (yes, im back there) and its made my life a lot less boring. I felt like I was going crazy with nothing to do, which i had done seeing as I finished my first year at the beginning of May, and I love it. Maybe not the early mornings, but actually getting home and being tired because ive actually done something.
Im in Fashion Accessories, which is a lot different to working with packaged food, or clothes, which ive done previously. Theres also something to do constantly, whether its putting on promotions, putting out stock, or just cleaning shelves. As much as I love the long hours, I cant wait to get home to my bed at the end of the day! Favourite part!

The passed weekend, I went to Bristol with Jenny and Danielle to see a band that I have previously mentioned, Kingsland. They did a tour to promote their new single, Dirty Dancer.
Honestly, although the venue was HORRENDOUS, they had too many support acts and all the little fan girls gave me a headache, it was the best I had seen them perform.
It was also so nice to see them again. One band member hugged me so hard and told me how much he had missed me.
I know how it must seem to people that dont like boybands, or arent really big fans of anything.
That they dont really mean it? That they probably dont even remember me?
Itsw true, they probably dont remember me and they probably dont mean what they say, but it does mean a lot to me when the band say this sort of stuff to me, because Ive invested a lot of time into being a fan previously.
Me and the girls also went to see them at a radio station in Swansea the next morning, and I asked them to sign the set list that I had managed to steal off the tour manager. They decided to ruin their signatures and destroy a name of one of the songs.
It now says "She's cumming."
I got pushed by one of the boys and almost went home with his hat. He realised I had it though.
It was also so nice to see some of the people that I havnt seen in nearly a year, and meet some new people. Thats one of the things I miss about going to gigs.

Last 10 things I googled.

- Ashton Irwin
- Recording studios in Cardiff
- Cineworld
- How to stop flying on Minecraft PE
- HDMI cables - from laptop to TV
- Wave FM Swansea postcode
- Canary Swing
- Bobble bottles
- Buzzfeed
- Anthony Hopkins

10 products i'm wishing for right now

- Urban Decay naked palette
- Benefit porefessional primer
- Eco tools brush set
- Milani Baked Bronzer
- Body Shop BB cream
- Clinique chubby stick (its a lipgloss!!)
- Nars blush palette
- Soap and Glory liquid eyeliner
- Coconut oil
- Anything from Bourjois!

10 things to be happy about

- Knowing I have a new book to start
- Being at home with my mam.
- Knowing that I havnt really got much free time over the next 3 weeks.
- Being a month away from starting uni again (Actually miss it)
- Having seen a load of my friends the past week
- Baby cat.
- Being that much closer to seeing my friends again after the summer
- Think im seeing Jenny on Sunday, always a good thing.
- Im about to go and make myself a cup of tea
- Im skyping Megan tomorrow!!

10 things I value about my best friend.

- Shes practically like a sister to me.
-Although I havnt known her for a long time, she knows most things about me
- She understands my sarcasm
- She has the same taste in books as me. (always important)
- She can make me laugh, even when im most upset
- Shes quite smart, therefore she's quite handy to have around
- She knows how to drink
- If im doing something stupid, she'll be right next to me
- Shes one of the those people that you can sit in a room in silence, and it wont be awkward in the slightest
- I love her a lot, and im so glad shes in my life.

Ok, thats all for now.
It does say that im starting uni again soon,
which means I will be uploading more frequently, seeing as this is a blog about my uni life, now my summer.

Thanks for reading.
Kirst x