Saturday 7 December 2013

In this lifetime, I want you to be mine. Cause I took a long look at my bucket list, and I saw that at the bottom it said our first kiss.



Super bored, and slightly hungover.
So I thought, the only way to cure both?
Blog post. Obviously.

So in this one, I thought i'd start my bucket list.
Im only going to do around 25 things, but if I think of anymore
after, I will add them for your viewing pleasure.

Before I start that. Im going to explain what happened last night, yay!
So Ellie and I were sat in the kitchen watching "lukeisnotsexy" youtube videos, completely bored out of our wits. So we decided to start drinking.
We roped Eric into our little plan. We all sat their and realised there was probably more people upstairs bored. Knowing Ashley, Munya, Austin and Georgia were out. I facebooked Jazmin and Stephen, low and behold. They said YES.

So we all literally sat around the table talking, beer bonging and just general drinking. Then we started playing Ring of Fire (lethal) which was pretty funny. Eric got the first joker, which if you havn't played before basically means you can make up a rule for the game until someone draws the next. His rule: Nobody is allowed to ask questions. This was stupidly hard because we ALL asked questions, therefore we all drank. Fortunately for me, I picked the next 3 jokers. My rules: 1) Eric isnt allowed to talk unless he picks a card. 2) Eric isnt allowed to talk full stop. Then on the 3rd, just before me, Ellie drew the last king, which means she had to drink the shit mix. I then drew the last joker, and changed Ellie drinking the shit mix to Eric. It was a bully Eric day obviously.
We then played Truth or Dare.
Never a good idea.
Learnt a fair few things, and also revealed a lot.

On to my bucket list?

1. Dye my hair ginger
2. Go to as many zoo's as I can (lame, I know. I just really like zoos man)
3. Go to V fest, Wake stock, Creamfields, Glasto and Reading.
4. Get married abroad, specifically on a beach. Or in Vegas.
5. Own a pair of Louboutins.
6. Travel across Europe.
7. Stop drinking altogether (after 30)
8. Get at least 15 tattoos (on 7 right now)
9. Live in London (Even if its just for like, a year)
10. Meet some of my favourite actors.
11. Renovate a really musty old house.
12. Watch all the seasons of Doctor Who.
13. Swim with dolphins.
14. Jump out of a plane.
15. Stay in one of those igloo hotel's in Norway.
16. Learn how to bake.
17. Give blood.
18. Attend a medium.
19. Get my degree.
20. Learn a different language (french or spanish)
21. Travel around America. I want to go to Cali, NY, Florida, Boston, Chicago, Washington, and a load of the southern states.
22. Go to a fashion show. Like a high-end fashion show (Chanel, Alexander Mcqueen, Chloe)
23. Learn how to make cocktails properly.
24. Try oysters.
25. Get engaged on the Empire State.

Hope you enjoyed reading that.
Kirsten x

PS. The song in the title is Bucket List - Nelly Furtado.


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