Sunday 9 March 2014

I am never drinking again, ever.


Hi there, people of the internet.

I thought i'd tell you about my week/weekend.
This week we (Ellie, Laura, Emily and I) started one of our assignments for Sound and Screen.
We basically had to film a 1 minute video that we would want to go viral.
We chose to do a propaganda type video for a flappy bird helpline, and seriously I have never been more happy to know film students because I swear if Hannah, Eric and Stephen hadnt been there we would have tanked for sure..
And a MASSIVE thank you to our actors, Ryan, Hannah, Eric, Megan and Munya. Ryan even got wet for his part, which was hilarious.. He actually got into my shower fully clothed and turned it on.
Honestly though, im dreading having to edit this shit though. Its going to be so difficult. But its almost done with though, which is a massive relief.

Sunday night, Megan, Eric and I decided to get drunk. God knows why, seeing as we all had work to do the next morning.. but it happened. It was the weirdest thing ever. We played a really shitty game of truth or dare.. Megan coloured my leg in, I had to do a shot of vodka, Megan got tied up and had to wear my socks on her hands.. They were only recently put on though, so it was all gravy.

Tuesday, it was Shrove Tuesday/pancake day, and we all did a pancake night which was fabulous. We all bought a shit load of stuff and just stuffed our faces with pancakes. Like, we have savoury and sweet pancakes. This night ended in disaster though, because I dropped my phone into a pancake covered in nutella and cream, trying to stop Eric deleting a photo. Of course, this ended up in tears of laughter and i cant hear out of the speaker properly. We also played this game where the person has to write the most random sentence ever, and the piece of paper goes around the group and it varies between pictures and words. Its fantastic.

Friday night was the most interesting night of them all. Megan and Eric came down to visit and I showed them Cardiff nightlife with Hannah, Shannon and Jenny. From what I can remember, it was a great night. I was wrecked though. DONT NECK YOUR DRINKS. Eleanor, Zoe and Brad also made an appearence at one point aswell, but we didnt see them much. Ellie got kicked out for pushing a member of staff, the dumbass. The next morning we went and did touristy type things through the hangover. We went to the Doctor Who experience which was absolutely amazing. I touched John Barrowman's and Matt Smiths coats, while receiving dagger eyes off Eric and being told not to touch things by a worker there. It was totally worth it! Took them down chippy lane and bought them welsh cakes because neither of them had tried them before, and Got them lemon curd welsh cakes aswell because Megan had never tried it.

The sun is actually shining for once. Although I spent my day inside, because im shattered and im achy as fuck because i spent my night wandering around trying to give drunk people flyers for Tiger Tiger.
Im excited to see what next week has in store for me..
Im definitely going to do some work.. (maybe) but Hannah, Shannon, Danni and I plan to go to coopers field and just chill there for a day.

Thats all for now,
Thanks for reading!
Kirsten x


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