Monday 29 June 2015

Dear stranger..



I had a pretty awful day at work the other day so the only thing I could think of to cheer myself up was to have a wander around Waterstones. I wasnt really intending to buy anything as I didnt really need a new book. I literally have just decided to re-read the Game of Thrones series. 
I was just about to walk out of the store when I spotted a book called "Dear Stranger"

"Dear Stranger" is a book of letters from different people that are signed to Penguin Publishers. It includes inspirational letters to imagined strangers about different

Although the book cost me £12.99 which is a good fiver more than books usually cost, they donate £3.00 to "Mind" a mental health charity. They provide advice and support to people who suffer from a number of mental health issues. They also do their best to raise awareness for this problem. 

So far, since I bought the books, i've read 3 letters from various authors and tv personalities including Fiona Phillips, Rachael Joyce and Francesca Martinez. My favourite letter so far has to be from Francesca Martinez simply because I could relate to it the most. 

"A pain-free life doesnt exist. And if thats what you're after, try not to love. Because love will always come to an end and that end will hurt. When my grandma died, I wept for weeks. Misery wrapped me in its cold arms and there I stayed. Then, it dawned on me that I was devastated simply because I loved her. Had I not loved her, I would not have shaken with tears. I mourned her because she meant so much to me. That pain would have been less if she had been less loving, less giving, less affectionate And I realised that, in some way, the grief was the price to pay for love"

Can you see why this letter is my favourite now? obviously this is only a paragraph from the whole letter but its incredible how much this letter could mean to someone whose feeling a bit down, or has just lost someone, or going through something at the moment. 

Another letter I have read isnt really a letter I've read which makes me even the slightest bit happy is by Nicholas Allen who drew a comic strip of what made him happy at different stages of his life. I suppose thinking of things that make you happy or used to make you happy at stages of your life can be quite therapeutic. I know whenever I go over things that used to make me happy, a tiny smile seems to form on my face. Things like memories from freshers, songs from way back when, photos from when you had to use a disposable camera rather than taking a picture of your phone.

There are several things that make me happy when im feeling down.

The Wanted: I know what people are thinking. "oh wow, what even was she thinking being into a boyband??" Trust me, now ive grown up a bit Ive kind of grown out of it, but at the time, there was nothing better than being at one of their gigs, or buying on of their songs. One of my favourite memories was going to one of their radio tours and meeting my favourite. He wrote on my boobs, and kind of prevented little fangirls from pushing me over! I specifically remember him saying "You're welsh? You dont sound very welsh"

This band does have more significance than me just having a good time at one of their gigs. It just so happens that I met two of my best friends at one of their gigs. Hannah and Shannon. In fact, its our 3 year anniversary this Saturday. 

Fusion festival - 2013.

I also mentioned songs bringing back memories and a small smile forming on my very grumpy mug. Theres about 3 songs that I cant listen to without getting s bit sad. These would be:

  1. I Dont Care - Icona Pop
  2. Dont Go - Wretch 32
  3. We Own The Night - The Wanted.

I think thats enough rambling for one blog post.
I hope you enjoyed this!
Honestly, if youve enjoyed this, I recommend you go and buy the book. 
Kirst x