Saturday 26 April 2014

“I don't have pet peeves like some people. I have whole kennels of irritation.” - Whoopi Goldberg


Suuuuup people.

I went home last week for the first time in like a month and it was amazing. Basically, the whole of last week I was feeling run down, and just plain ill. It was quite sad to see really because im hardly ever ill..
So I went home and chilled for 4 days, I saw Hannah and Shannon, sat in the park and took the insults they threw at me.

I also finished Bob's essay, which im so happy about because now I can just focus on my other essays instead of worrying about getting everything done in one mad rush.

I came home on Tuesday and caught up with Emily, which was great because I missed her a lot! Honestly, since we came back, the majority of my time ive spent with Emily in uni, trying to make her do her work.
One night we spent skyping her friend Hannah, which was nice because shes a Kingsland fan.

Megan came home on Thursday, and was in the kitchen when I got back from uni that night. I screamed and hugged her. I may have squashed Eric in the corner behind the door in excitement. She brought me back Macarons from Paris which was lovely of her. Then Laura came back today, and ive missed her a lot aswell! Its nice to have my buddies back, although I cant wait to see Ellie, Hannah and Ryan.

On a more sour note,  ive been feeling a bit pissed with life, and certain things lately for reasons which I dont want to discuss. So, I thought i'd do 10 things that piss me off with life.

1. Selfishness
Ok, I know everyone has their selfish moments, which is totally fine because people need to think of themselves sometimes, but a lot of the time, its unnecessary!
2. Lickasses
Some people to remove their heads from others asses, because it gets so boring to watch.
3. People that dont pay attention.
I have to admit, I am one of these people, and it gets on my own tits, let alone other peoples. But even if people are talking, like at least give them the time of day!
4. People who leave other people out.
Dont be dicks. Theres other things in the world, more important than things that you think about..
5. Self Centred people
There is NOTHING worse than people that dont know how to talk about anything other than themselves.
6. Similarly, vain people
People that think theyre God's gift and deserve everyones attention are massive douches.

I cant think of anything else right now,
but these types of people realllllly grind my gears.
To the point where i want to rip my eyes and ears out.

Thats all for now.
Next week will be more interesting.
Kirsten x

Saturday 19 April 2014

Those who dance are considered insane by those who cannot hear the music - George Carlin


Hi there, people of the internet.

So right now, i'm sat in my bed thinking of things I can do because I'm not tired, and i'm feeling a HELL of a lot better than yesterday when I thought I'd had tonsilitus.
So, I thought i'd do a blog post.
However, not much has happened since my last one. Ive been a bit unwell, but thats mainly because ive been super stressed. I came home, and so far, ive seen my mam, my nan and brother, and my lovely lovely best friend, Hannah.
Also, 2/3rds of the way through my biggest essay, achievement of the week!

But anyway, today while I was thinking of things to write in my essay, I made a new spotify playlist for when I was working, it is called "cheese."
Cheesy, old music helps me work, gives me a bit of oomph when im bored and dont want to do anymore work.
Everyone loves a bit of cheesy music, whether its something old that people dont want to admit they love, or something that used to be good, but nobody listens to anymore.
So, thats when I thought, I could do a blog about 15 of my favourite cheesy songs. Bit boring, but whatever!
Might bring back some nostalgia to some of you lovely sods who actually read this shitty blog! :-)!

So, here goes!

1. Blue - One Love

Blue were my first boyband love. I had the majority of their albums, and I swear I was in love with Duncan. Of course, true to form they did a reunion and theyre worse than ever. But their old music was fab! I'm afrad to say I can also probably do atleast 70% of Simon's rap!

2. Westlife - World of our Own

 This song has so many memories attached to it! Its a classic and the memories to it are very good. Im not going to go into them because effort, but! I wasnt a massive westlife lover though, so this is probably the only song from them that will pop up!

3. Alphabeat - Fascination

I know this song probably got on EVERYONES tits when it first came about because it was so overplayed, and that guys dancing is stupidly overexaggerated, and so annoying. But once you hear it after not hearing it for so long you instantly love it again. I completely forgot about Alphabeat till the other day when this song came on in work, and it took all my strength not to burst out singing. Its one of those songs where you just want to dance around in your room singing into a hairbrush thats being used as a microphone!

4. S Club 7 -  Bring it all Back

I used to love this song, and still do. If any of you have seen me in Oceana and S Club comes on, any song will do! I just completely go for it. EVERYONE LOVES S CLUB 7! You cant even deny it! Like back in the day, everyone had their favourite member, and their favourite song! Mine was either Jo or Hannah! Favourite song was either this, or Never Had A Dream Come True! And obviously, seeing as I get very fixated on things, I had to have the DVD/video tape of Seeing Double, which I still have by the way.

5. Natasha Beddingfield - Unwritten

No back story for this song! I just really used to love Natasha Beddingfield! Thought she was an amazing singer, and loved all the songs she released.

6. Ronan Keating - When you say nothing at all

This song will always and only remind me of Notting Hill. Not the place, the film. When Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts go in the park at like 12am, and you can tell that they're starting to fall in love. If you havnt seen that film, then im not apologizing for spoiling the plot because you should have seen it! Its such a beautiful song and definitely one of his best songs!

7. Lily Allen - The Fear

Whenever I sing this around Hannah Williams, she honestly starts reeling off facts about the song and what Lily Allen says in the lyrics. Im pretty sure this was one of my summer anthems the year this was released. Always brings me back to high school days whenever I listen to it.

8. Sugababes - Ugly

This song has a lot of meaning for me. When I was younger, and even now sometimes, I'd listen to this song when I was feeling a bit sad, or a bit shit and it would always make me feel better! I think it was the same with all of Sugababes song's to be honest. I was a bit sad when Mutya left!

9. Shayne Ward - No U Hang Up

Shayne Ward took up the best part of my high school life. I was obsessed with him for like 3 years! Bought all his albums, posters, tour tickets. The lot! Sad I know! I did ask to be a fan girl. But you can see the appeal, he is beautiful.

10. Five - Everybody get up.

A couple of these songs including this one, can only be traced back to Oceana, and I apologize profusely for this. But this song will always remind me of Hannah, Shannon, that bloody disco room and trying to get people to slut drop with us.

11. Backstreet boys - Everybody

This is another one of those damned songs from Osh. Except thats not all. Reminds me of last summer, babysitting Jennys little brother when this came on music channels and her trying to do the dance, which includes the little floor bit.. it was quite funny!

12/13 - Busted - Year 3000, Mcfly - 5 colours in her hair

I put these 2 together because they have now made up the super group "mcbusted" these had to go in there because if you didnt hear me crying with excitement (metaphorical) im going to see them the day after my birthday with Hannah (Cardiff hannah) and my  inner child is crying with excitement!

14. Avril Lavigne - Sk8r boi

If Avril Lavigne wasnt a huge part of your childhood then you were either seriously deprived as a child, or just had NO taste whatsoever. This song is great, and Im pretty sure I can recite the words.

15. Take That - Rule The World

Take That need to be on anyone's cheese list whether its new Take That or old Take That. This band is the only band that was constant while I grew up and, I love them. Seen them twice before and I WILL see them again. This is also my favourite song of theirs.

Thats it.
I hope people enjoyed that trip down memory lane.
Im going to turn this into a tag, and ask Emily, Ashleigh and Hannah to do it!

Thanks for reading!
Kirsten x

Sunday 13 April 2014

“Never look back unless you are planning to go that way.” ― Henry David Thoreau


Hi there, people of the internet.

Currently, I am sat in uni trying to do an essay about Warner Brothers, and truth be told id prefer to be asleep, or in the park watching ducks.
Instead, I thought id write a blog about whats happened over the past few days, also Emily did this blog about what makes a best friend, and I thought i'd try and write a bit about tat.

Today is my first day off since Wednesday, and I'm literally thanking God. Although it has been a really good past few days learning about pretty clothes and how to talk to posh people. I actually enjoy it! I finally picked out my uniform and its gorgeous! I picked a pair of jeans, a pair of PVC leggings, a navy, cami type top, with a peter pan collar, and one almost the same but its black with a split down the front. 

Yesterday after work, I decided to get drunk with one of the boys I'm living with next year. It was a good time, although I wish my drinking partners were there as well, because going to the park at 1am just wasn't the same without them, I actually missed walking with Megan talking about how much of a dick Eric is, because he'd fallen off his board. Actually can't wait for them to come back. Hannah also joined in but didn't last for very long , because since she stopped drinking, she doesn't hold her drink for very long. Im proud of her for trying though, especially because she was drinking vodka. 

Since I'm missing my dickhead friends from everywhere.
I thought id tell people what is takes for me to class them as a best friend. 

I know stereotype says that best friends are usually people you've known the longest, but I have honestly found some of the best friends I've ever had within the last year of my life. I met 3 of them through a band, and I honestly love them so so much. They know how to take banter, like I'm not joking, we call each other sluts. Some of the time, we mean it, some of the time, its just something to say. 
E.G. I was talking about a reallllllly hot guy that I said I fancied, a long with other things, and she just straight up said "Kirsten, you're a slut" I just agreed with her because, why not?

Its also very weird how some people just click because they have that ONE thing in common. 
I started talking to Laura properly because we both had read a book called "Divergent" and started fan girling in Web Design over it. I also started talking to Emily over the same band that me and my best friends met through. Then theres those people that, even though you're not sure you have anything in common with, except for a few bits, you still love them unconditionally. Like my flat mates. Half the time I haven't got a jar of glue what they babble about, but you still get involved because thats what friends do, get involved in stuff that your friends are interested.
(Marvel, Jake and Amir, artsy films) And ok, I still have no clue half the time, I know they'll be there to explain if I'm confused. 
Its also the best when you can go from a week to a month without speaking to these certain types of friends and carry on like no time has passed, like you saw them yesterday.

As you can tell, even though Han is here, which is a god send because not on my own anymore, i'd still like my friends back. 

Okay thats it.
I know its a short one, but its only a procrastination post.
Also, if you wondered why the quote was the title..
if a certain person read this blog, they'd understand why.

Kirsten x

Thursday 10 April 2014

And if you couldn't be loved, the next best thing was to be let alone - L.M Montgomery


Hi there, people of the internet.

Quite recently, starting from Friday, people have left.
It is, of course, the start of Easter and obviously I knew it was going to happen, but that doesnt mean I like it.

First of all, it was Ellie.
But that happened a while before Friday.
She got VERY ill, which sucks because Tuesday it was her 19th birthday. In the last blog, I mentioned that Emily and I decided to day drink. Well, we were going to go to props to celebrate, but we didnt bother because Ellie wasnt here.
But, from what I gather she had a lovely birthday, and she loved the card we sent her!
The next person to leave was Eric. Which was weird as for Megan and I because our social life literally revolves around him.
On the Friday, before he left, we went to get milkshakes and went to the park.. Of course he took his penny board, but no accidents this time! We then walked him half way, and went in the opposite way, because Megan's mac was fixed and we were going to pick it up.
Then, on the Sunday Hannah and Ryan left.
Hannah was the most suprising because we didnt actually know she was leaving!
I thought i'd have her company till the 19th, then she goes to Ryans for like a week!
But nope, Megan and I came home from uni to say bye to Ry, and he told us she was gone! I was sad :-(
Then Ryan left..
It was a VERY quiet couple of days, and with time, Megan and I started acting like a old, married couple. Telling eachother where we were going and eating meals at the same time, and what not!
Now all the Americans have left to go on their adventures and im here on my own, left with my own thoughts. I dont like it.
Not that I dont like my own company, but I get a bit too much for myself.
I have honestly confined myself to my room, except for when I have to go to work. (I'll talk about that in a bit)
Its quite sad really.
Right now, I'm relying on snap chat, and Spotify to keep me sane.
I also haven't really been sleeping great because this flat scares me. And I know what everyone's thinking! Why don't you just go home for a bit? Honestly, I'm better off here! I know when I actually get a day off, ill spend the day in uni, just working! And I'll get more work done here than there, because my stupid Cardiff friends will distract me and then nothing will get done and I'll be rushing to get my work done, and that is not good.
On Sunday, it will be Megan's 21st birthday, and in hope she reads this, HAVE A FANTASTIC DAY GIRL! Before she left, we gave her a little card she could read on her trip, and it is the CUTEST card ever! Paperchase always does me proud.
She's already told me what she wants for her birthday, which I plan to get at the end of the month!

Now onto the whole "work" thing.
Last week (cant specifically remember when) I got a phone call, asking whether I was still interested in a job I had applied for in DECEMBER!
It was for French Connection, obviously I said yes, and was asked to go for an interview. After the interview, I was asked back for a trial shift on Saturday. On the Saturday, after my shift, I WAS OFFERED THE POSITION!!
I now work in French Connection 3 days a week, and I could not be happier. The clothes are beautiful and the people I work with are lovely. It probably could have come at a better time, like December. But whatever, at least i've got it now.

Seeing as i've been spending so much time on my own, ive been catching up on some youtubers I watch (zoella, sprinkleofglitter, tanyaburr, thatcherjoe, joeygraceffa, pointlessblog)
(Definition of a youtuber - Someone who uploads youtube videos, particularly someone who has some what of a fan base)

Basically, they have all just gone to a youtube convention called Playlist Live, and in ALL of their vlogs, they sing "Do you want to build a snowman?" from that overhyped film, Frozen.
This very song has been stuck in my head since Eric left and although it is getting very tiresome, its making me a lot happier than I have been over the past week!
I also read this super inspiring blog, which people should read because its lovely and I would love to do something like this for people one day.

heres the link >
I put the link to her about page because that's what I read.

Ok, I think im done!
Except I got 2 more assignments done from my list!
So really I only have to do my essays and my music pitch!

Thanks for reading.
I know this is weird, but it'll make me really happy if you could like/retweet the post if you read it! Cheeeeeers!
Kirsten x

Friday 4 April 2014

“Friendship is the hardest thing in the world to explain. It's not something you learn in school. But if you haven't learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven't learned anything.” - Mohammad Ali


Hi there, people of the internet.

So, I know I only uploaded a blog like last week but you get another one!
This past week has been a hard one.
Mainly because ive been missing my mumma and friends, but also because I realised how much work I had due in which I hadnt started.
1. 2000 word essay
2. 3000 word essay
3. 1500 word blog
4. music video
5. music pitch
6. portfolio

So, honestly people can probably see why ive been a stresshead this week.
But I have handed in 2 assignments and finished another, so atleast im getting started.

On Tuesday, Laura, Emily, Ellie and I recorded Cait singing her cover of Coldplays song, Yellow and it is freaking fabulous, but seriously getting so fed up of having to listen to it. The next day, we had to edit the song and film the video, again having to listen to the song for the whole day. I honestly don't think i've listened to a song so much in 2 days. Since Wednesday, I spent the majority of the days editing the video, and i'm proud to say its done, and the group is pleased with it, Apart from the fact that Emily had to be in it. While we were filming, we made friends with some ducks and geese because smart arse decided to feed them.



Safe to say, I shouldnt go near ducks. Thursday night, I walked to park to see how Emily was feeling because she got ill. And it was a funny night, and I didnt want to leave her and Laura.
I then spent the next day with them again, finishing off the final bit of editing, and Emily decided to come to regency.
On the way home, we come to the decision to day drink because our week had been so shitty, we managed to drag Megan into our plan, then, WAIT FOR IT..
But it was short lived, because she went to bed :-(
But before that, we managed to pull of the most epic prank everm which eric loved.

Eric did also join, after actually putting his stuff together and what not.
We then went upstairs, carried on drinking, played cards against humanity and came back downstairs.
After we came back, we sat in the kitchen and just spoke about stuff. And seeing as we were drunk, decided to go to the park.
Eric took his penny board and kept falling over. We sat on the dock, and just talked. Also got really sentimental about the fact that Megans leaving in a couple of months.
and just FYI, while I was telling Hannah about this, she went, "im sorry to say this, but we're not going to be living with either of them next semester" and it broke my heart.
It was an epic night, and not one i'll forget in a hurry.

OK, thats it for now.
Hope you enjoyed it.
Kirsten x