Sunday 29 December 2013

Making resolutions is a cleansing ritual of self assessment and repentance that demands personal honesty and ultimately, reinforces humility. Breaking them is part of the cycle - Eric Zorn



CHRISTMAS IS OVER FINALLY, and I'm back in Cardiff.
I hope you all had a very festive week, full of alcohol and presents.
And I also hope you all ate your body weight in food because that's that happens over Christmas.

So last weekend, I spent the majority of it either at work, or on my own in the flat because Hannah went to Portsmouth for the weekend to see her grandparents.
It was an extremely frightening weekend to say the least.
Because that flat scares the shit out of me when I'm in it alone.
To make matters worse, we got broken into.
Granted, the person/people only took alcohol, but still it was still scary as fuck. The Saturday was also a good day for drama seeing at there was a riot van and 2 police cars sat outside Regency for the night. 
Hannah then came home on Monday, and I sat in on her skype call with Ryan which was interesting.
That's legit the only thing that happened up until Christmas Eve, when I got to go home. I was so excited, I could have been compared to a little puppy. 
Got home, went into my old work to see my mam and get last minute presents and went home. Me, my mum, my brother and his girlfriend ate KFC and played cards against humanity. Which was hilarious, because my mum got super embarrassed at what was said on the cards.. The first one she got was "how did I lose my virginity?" Which I had to explain didn't actually mean HER, it was just a card.

Then camr Christmas Day, I got some really nice things.. Mcbusted ticket, my expensive make up, and clothes, my perfume, a The Wanted calendar, an asda gift card, which I was gonna spend on food, but I spent the majority on make up, oops. I think my nan loved what I got her, she was pretty buzzing. The best part of the day was the dinner, NOM. first cooked dinner I've had for agggeeeees. I was so disappointed with what was on TV though­čś¬

I went out on the Friday with my friends, Hannah, Shannon, Jenny and Jenna. And it was seriously one of the funniest nights ever even though I've seriously bruised myself. 

I know this was a short post, but it hope you enjoy it.
Kirsten x


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