Monday 2 December 2013

"If you dont know me by now, you never will"


Hi there.

I got bored so I decided to do another blog.

So I thought, seeing as I did a "likes and dislikes" post yesterday, i'd do a detailed "25 facts about me" post today.

1: I have 7 tattoos.

I know people are thinking, "oh, theres going to be some crazy-detailed meaning behind each of these tattoos." but there isnt at all. I saw the majority of these on the internet, immediately loved them, so decided to get them. The only one that I didnt see on the internet is the last one. That quote is from "Perks of being a wallflower" which is an epic book which means a lot to me.

2: My friends and family mean the world to me. Like, I don't think I would be who I am today without any of them. Old, or new. If im lucky enough to have you in my life permanently, then im going to try my hardest to make sure you stay there.
I would also do absolutely anything for them.
If you know you're one of these people, and you read this then I love you.

3: Im quite loud, which wont be a shock for a lot of you. However what will shock you is that I do have quiet days/moments. In these quiet moments, there is probably something wrong with me and I dont usually like talking about it. So I just want to be left alone, even if im with people, I like to just sit quietly and listen to conversations going on around me.

4: I overthink every little thing. It sometimes gets me into trouble. It also sometimes ruins things for me. But it happens and I cant help it.

5: Duvet days are my favourite types of days. I love snuggling up with my duvet, or my throw and watching films or catching up on tv with a cup of tea, and junk food.

6: Im VERY sentimental. Somewhere at home I have a shoebox of old cards, and another shoe box full of concert tickets and cinema tickets. These types of things mean a lot to my and I dont throw things away if they have memories connected to them

7. Ive only been in uni 3 months and my bathroom door is almost full of photos of my friends.

8. I have friends all over England, through a band called Kingsland.(previously mentioned in a blog) These girls mean a lot to me. There are a bunch that I class as my little sisters called Abbie, Kayleigh, Faye and Beccy. They're the loveliest girls ever and I miss them so much.

(LtoR - Beccy, Emily, Faye, Kayleigh, Abbie)
9: I really dont like men's feet. They're always quite big and they freak me out.

10: The girls back home call me "slut". Im not sure why, they just do. (This is not an invitation for people to start calling me it)

11: I love make up. Its my favourite thing.

12: I really like talking in "chav" language or abbreviated words. I tend to say bc a lot while im talking and it does get people quite confused. Especially in Cheltenham.

13: Not having a job killed me. Especially because i'd had a job since I was 16, so was quite used to getting up at early and having to get ready on weekends and stuff. Plus the regular income was a god send.

14: I want to travel across the world. I really want to visit Asia, Sweden, Germany, Italy, America and Australia.

15: Clean sheets > life

16: I really dislike self-absorbed people. Like to the point where I cant stand to be in the same room as them, so I try to avoid them as much as possible.

17: I feel like im a good listener. Like I can sit there and listen to people talk about their lives and not get bored simply because I find it interesting seeing how people have lived their lives.

18: My GHD's, phone and IPod are my lifeline.

19: Old tv shows are awesome. My faves include Saved by the Bell, Sabrina the teenage witch and Charmed.

20: People find this hard to believe, and usually I have to get my provisional out to prove it to people. But I was born in Germany. My father was in the RAF and was based out in Wegberg. My mother was living out there when she had me. However I moved to Oxford when I was 6 months old and im pretty sure I lived there till I was 2 or something.

21: I am very injury prone. But even though this is true, ive only ever fractured my wrist. I did this at my 13th birthday party when trying to kick a balloon. Fail on my part.

22: I enjoy travelling. Whether its on my own, or with friends. I find it incredibly fun and quite relaxing. But if imon my own I hate people sitting next to me. Literally feels like theyre trying to squeeze into my pockets, and makes me feel claustraphobic.

23: I cant cook to save my life. Like, I struggle to cook things in the oven. I had to ask Hannah to stay in the kitchen with me the first time I tried to cook spaghetti just incase I cocked it up.

24: Right now, my hair is the longest its been since I was 14. I literally always had it short, and growing it out is one of the best things ive decided to do.

25: Im relatively happy with how I look at the moment.

Thats all for today.
Thanks for reading.
Kirsten x

PS The title is lyrics that comes from a song by Simply Red.


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