Tuesday 31 March 2015

Lets catch up?


Hi guys.

I just thought i'd upload a short post on my happenings over the past couple of weeks.
Currently, im on easter break which for some of you lucky devils means that you get a nice 2 week break from school work. 
Not me. I'm pretty sure I should be busier than ever seeing as I have a presentation due in the first day back to uni plus the many essays I have to write. As you can tell, I am super excited about this.
On the upside, I FINALLY found my work placement which made me so happy.
After looking to each corner of Cardiff for one, I caved and started looking in Cheltenham. Ideally I would have loved to go home for Easter, but lets be honest here. How much work would I have got done?

After many emails and messages being sent to MANY companies, one finally got back to me. 
APT Marketing. The manager gave me an interview and I got the placement. It was honestly a God send because I fear I may have failed terribly if they didn't. 
I had my first day on Monday, and as everybody should know, I am a job whore. I get interview from interview and if I don't like it, I move on to the next adventure (job)
Anyway, I genuinely don't think i've ever been so nervous in my entire life. 
Moving to Cheltenham was a cinch compared to how I felt on monday. 
Turns out, everyone was super lovely. 
I wrote a few blog posts for a couple of companies, learnt how they worked with companies for a little bit, it was SO interesting.
I know this sounds super negative, and I don't mean for it to sound so.. But I didnt think my work placement module was going to be that interesting. I mean, the last work placement I did I ended up shredding paper for a recruitment company. I remember getting so bored I would start reading the CV's for something to do. 
I've got this feeling that this will actually be worthwhile and I'm so excited to see where it leads.

Last thursday, Emily and I were asked to help to put on a gig for the ALT music society. Chris was working till quite late, so asked us to help. It was more than we'd done before, which was interesting. He asked us to put together the stage times which turned out to be quite difficult seeing as people had to either leave early, or couldn't get there till later. 
It was also a thing of wondering where the artists would actually fit. Em and I had this massive argument over one act with a couple of our housemates because I wanted to put said on artist first, but they thought it was because of my personal feelings towards said artist. 
It turned out to be a really good gig even if some people were questionable (my own opinions)

I've also been making plans with Hannah and Emily to take them back to Cardiff in a couple of weeks. This makes me extremely excited because neither of them have spent a significant amount of time in my hometown, so i'm going to take them to Pryzm and we're going to get smashed then get 5 guys the next day. Its going to be such a good weekend. Especially because i'll also get to see my mam, who I havn't seen for at least 4 months, as you can imagine I miss her a shit tonne.

I also went to a gig which was being held in 2 Pigs a couple of weeks ago. (This is how long I havnt blogged for!!)
It was a gig for a guy called Petravita, who describes himself as a "spoken word artist" or something. I didnt really go for him. A couple of bands from Popular Music were playing, called Spoils and Spice and the Readies. I really enjoy listening to both bands, so I went along despite being massively hungover. They both played so sick, and although I probably would have been better off sleeping my life away, I'm so glad I went. I'll shove both their sound clouds down the bottom in case you want to go have a butchers.

I dont think much else has gone on really. Ryan and Emily have abandoned ship for 2 weeks so the house is extremely quiet and im very excited for them both to come back. Banter is just not the same. 

Also, one other thing. Im bored. Not in general, im a very easy person to amuse. I'm bored of being overlooked. Im bored of people choosing others over me. Im annoyed that I let it happen to myself so often. I know ive said this in MANY posts beforehand but here it is again. I'm a mug. I constantly let it happen to me, and why? Because, and I know this sounds a bit like i'm making myself seem better than I am, but Im too forthcoming. I let people walk all over me. I make sure i'm available if people want or need me, but when its the other way around, my gosh people like to screw me over. Or at least thats how it feels a lot of the time. You know what? IM BORED OF TRYING. 

Thats it I think.I'm sorry about the souring ending to this post.
Im going to love you and leave you.
Kirst x

Monday 16 March 2015

We are the young!


Hi guys,

This is definitely bit of a different one. 
One of my favourite bands, Kingsland Road released their debut album yesterday and I thought I would give it a quick review. 

The band consists of 4 members, Josh, Connor, JJ (Thomps) and Matt. I've been a fan of these boys since the end of 2012 and I can't believe how far they have come. From recording covers of people like Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift to actually writing their own material. For someone whose watched these boys grow from such a tiny band with 200 followers on twitter to a band with their own album on Spotify and being sold in HMV, I probably couldn't put it into words how proud of them I am. 

The album, We Are The Young consists of 10 extremely catchy songs and a remix of their EP single "Dirty Dancer" which they toured to promote last august. After listening to all 10 songs, i can confirm it is 100% worth buying. It's a mix of catchy tunes that would make you want to throw your hands up in the air and shout the lyrics to and songs that could only be described as motivational. I mean, if I'm walking somewhere and I'm listening to their song "Never too late" I honestly feel as if i can do anything. 

Favourite song on the album? Without a doubt "Misbehave" I heard them sing this on their tour last August and I loved it immediately. Its super catchy and the lyrics are very simple. I feel like its one of those songs that will get you pumped for a night out, or if you're feeling a bit down and you just want to dance around your room. I bow down to Matts voice in this one, as it definitely shows it off the best. 

I'm also really quite in love with Heaven Knows, its beautifully written and another one of those motivational songs. As far as I can tell, the song is about not giving up. 

All in all, this album is definitely a milestone in the boys careers, and I hope it opens a lot more doors for them.

The boys twitter - (x)
youtube - (x)
Spotify - (x)

Hope you enjoyed this post.
Kirst x

Monday 9 March 2015

Never the perfect human


Hi  guys,

I thought I would do a blog post on something that I have felt a lot to me recently.

Recently, and by recently I mean since the beginning of this semester i've done a lot of things that I probably shouldn't have done. Drunk texts and phone calls, arguments over guys which have been completely pointless, getting so drunk that I black out, bitching at my friends for no reason ect.

There is no such thing as a perfect person and although I have this theory where people should never regret their actions because it shapes them as a person, I have found that I've started doing this. 
My actions recently have got me thinking about myself as a person. That seems really deep and possibly a bit stupid in some peoples eyes. I can see why, I mean, drunk texting and those arguments are a part of life, a milestone maybe? People have to go through them to learn NOT to do them. But at 21, you'd think that my tiny little brain would have grown out of them. Apparently not.

Whilst thinking about writing this post, I had so much to write. Mostly about making myself look like a tit, and stopping drinking. In hindsight, I feel like setting myself the task of not drinking anymore is silly. Its probably doable, but I am a student and missing nights out because Ive decided to not drink is ridiculous. 

So this blog post is basically telling readers and myself that Im planning on doing 2 things over the next two months, 

1. Cutting down my alcohol intake. Maybe if I limit myself to 2 nights out a month, i'll stop getting myself into such states where I have to drunk text in the morning to explain myself from the drunk phonecalls I made in the night. Also, it'll cut down the ammunition my friends have against me because the teasing STILL hasnt stopped from Thursday night. 

2. Stop getting so angry at my friends so often. Ive realised that maybe I take my anger out on certain members of my friendship group. A lot of the time, I dont realise I'm doing but I am and sometimes I dont realise the impact it can have them. Being angry doesnt really help myself either. I dont like spending time with ANYONE while im in that mood, therefore I'm missing out myself which isnt fun. 

I hope youve enjoyed this little post. 
Im going to stick a video at the bottom of this post.
Its a song that I've been rinsing lately. I love it.
Kirst x

Friday 6 March 2015

3 things I know to be true: night of the living horror


Hey guys,

I thought i'd do another post for you.
Aren't you blessed?

This one is about 3 things i've learnt these past few weeks.
I did another one of these last month, and it was pretty popular. its here [x]
So here goes. 

1. I am an awful drunk.

If you have had the pleasure of being around me drunk, then I have one word for you. SORRY. I came to this  conclusion around 9:30am this morning after pretty heavy night in Moo Moos after a lot of last night I cant actually remember. I have been informed that I fell off the bed, hit my head on my bookshelf, text people I 100% shouldn't have and other unmentionable things. Although a few of these sound like a typical night, it would have been lovely to have been able to remember these things instead of having to be told.  There are definitely worse ways to be other than a bit clumsy and a bit like a 5 year old whilst my friends are trying coax me home because I dont want to go home. For clarification, If you were there when any of these things happened, all I can do is apologise for my behavior and promise that next time we're out, its your turn to get hammered and I have to walk you home. 

2. I have very set ways

This is a bit of a weird one, but I realised that im a stubborn cow that likes to have things in her own way. I also have a kind of routine now that im living away from mumma Bryan. If any of you are like this, give me a shout because having a routine is super boring at times, but  its really hard to break out of it. On a similar note, I get really fixed on certain things. Music artists, tv shows, beauty products.
Right now, im insanely into Ed Sheeran. This little fixation started after I saw the music video for Thinking Out Loud, and it just hasnt gone away. Its happened with Bastille, The Wanted (5 year obsessions make people poor) Game of Thrones, Rimmel mascara. 

3. David and Goliath are definitely different to Simon and Garfunkel.

This sounds ridiculous. It is ridiculous. My brain stopped working. Ellie and I were sat in one of our lectures, and the lecturer wrote on a powerpoint about David and Goliath. I turned to Ellie and said "One minute, isnt David and Goliath a band?" (The lecture was about sport) I did correct myself. I carried on to say to her, "Oh, one minute. Nevermind, Im on about Simon and Garfunkel."
Rookie mistake thinking that Ellie would keep it to herself. She told Emily, who told the WHOLE house. Tip: if you're a bit dull at times. DONT EXPECT YOUR HOUSEMATES NOT TO TAKE THE PISS. They still go on about silly things I said last year.

Thats it for now.
I hope you enjoyed this post.
Kirst x

Tuesday 3 March 2015

Thanks for the memories


Hi guys.

Its been a while since I wrote my last blog post so I thought I would write about something thats been on my mind for at least a month.
Something that has been on all of my friends mind's.
I finish my second semester in 2 months
I move out of my house in just under 3 months.

Its so weird, knowing that ive been in university for a year and a half now. I can honestly remember every day that I got a university offer, I remember the day, clear as light, that I got into the University.of Gloucestershire. I even remember the day that Hannah Williams popped on facebook to tell me that we would be living in halls together.
The reason I've been thinking about this is because my personal tutor told me a few weeks ago that I have less time left in university than ive been there.
I cant say im pleased about that idea. I feel like I havnt had long enough to take in every thing that has happened these past 2 years. It feels like I havnt had enough to take in, when in reality so much has gone on and I dont think I would take anything ive done, or that has happened back. No regrets whatsoever.

Of course there are things that I shouldnt have done or maybe things that shouldnt have happened, but lets be real, everything that has happened has shaped what's going on right now into this perfect little experience.
All the arguments, all the tears, and the laughter have helped me get to know some of the most amazing, beautiful people.
I would never have been able to sit down in front of Jack Wills absolutely trashed with Hannah and have Eric force us both to stand up. I would have never have had sober/drunk walks to the park and 1am with Megan and Eric. I wouldn't have been pushed into a wall by Emily because she was trying to get to a guy before me and I wouldn't have been able to feel so comfortable with a guy so much to let him do my make up (Ryan is actually decent at doing make up).

To some people, they sound like the most weird things to happen, but they're the type of memories that, when we're all sat at the kitchen table we laugh uncontrollably at. They're the type of memories that in 20 or so years, I would hope to tell my own children about because they're off to university themselves.

If I was going to tell anyone any type of advice about university, I would tell them not to take anything for granted. Enjoy the little things, like learning to cook for yourself rather than just eating beans on toast or pasta every day. Go for walks around the city your living in because honestly, you see some beautiful things that aren't obvious, make sure you actually experience night life, because I dont think I would have met half the people I know if I didnt go out as much as I do.

Thats all for now I think,
Hope you enjoyed this little post,
Kirst x