Sunday 8 December 2013

You need me man, I dont need you or, Its beginning to look a lot like christmas? Who knows.



Im gonna be super whiney in the first part of this blog.
Then im going to go REALLY cheery in the second part and talk about Christmas.

So lately ive been in this completely vile mood. Who knows why? Literally everyone is pissing me off, and its not their fault in the slightest. Like, someone could laugh really loudly and i'd get super annoyed.
Fuck being a girl.
And before you ask.. Its not THAT.
I think its just the stress of uni getting to me.

What the hell do you do to get rid of stress?
I mean, music or chocolate doesnt help.. These things used to help me. I cant bring myself to watch my favourite films, and ive even stopped reading.
One thing that has been putting me in a bit of a better mood is cat videos. Weird, right?
If you dont have me on facebook, then you have a slight lesser chance to see the specific video im on about..
It is the CUTEST thing ever, and I will be disappointed if you dont re-watch it.

On to Christmas..
Flat 4100 has been preparing for Christmas since mid november and until my job interview, I was super freaking excited to go home and spend christmas with my family, and friends.
Then I got the job in Marks and Spencer and now I have to spend it around Farmers moaning because im too slow on a freaking till. Not that I mind staying in Regency halls on my own till Christmas Eve night.(please note the sarcasm)
The week leading up to Christmas and the week after Christmas are always my fave.
Because of the fucking films of all things.
Like, I'm going to missing Mary Poppins, Sound of Music, Alladin, Doctor Who Christmas Special ect..
And if anything say "You can watch them online/Catch up online" its not the same.
Like I hate adverts just like the rest of the world population but then films are on TV it makes it a completely different viewing experience.
Also, im going to miss the company.. Im going to be in the halls all on my todd, so im literally going to be texting every fucker going.. Good luck processing the texts going from my phone Orange :)

Although I am going home on Christmas Eve, im not going to get home until something like 8pm, which by then my mum and brothers going to have already eaten and in their cute little PJ's and im going to be lugging my backpack through the door like "HEY, YOU COULD HAVE WAITED FOR ME!!" Not fun whatsoever..
And to make it worse, my mums gotta drop me back christmas evening because I have work on Boxing Day.. FUCK YOU M&S

Im super keen for my Christmas dinner though.. I havnt had my mums roast since the beginning of September, and it is LONG overdue.
I genuinely miss roast potatoes.

I have had most of my favourite christmassy things in Cheltenham though..
Starbucks christmas drinks and mince pies. omnomnom.
Starbucks have downgraded though, their christmas drinks arent as good as last year and I have preferred Costa's
Especially their Salted Caramel Latte and their Ginger and Cream latte.
They were soooooo good.
4100 did our present-giving this week because Hannah and Ryan went into child mode once i'd put their presents under the tree, and God forbid you have wrapped presents under trees.
So we all unwrapped presents.
I feel like we all loved our presents.. Well I know I definitely did.. God knows about the others..

Hannah got me: Soap and Glory; sugar crush
Eric got me: Soap and Glory; the rightious butter
Ryan got me: 3 tubes of The Body Shop christmas edition hand creams in gingerbread, vanilla and cranberry.

I think they all Coordinated..
But I loved them!
Eric received:
A pack of marvel playing cards, an "Eric the Penguin" calendar and a pack of bacon off me.. Hannah got him a "My little Pony" mug and Ryan got him a "Gay Icon mug" and a construct your own straw
Ryan received a "would you rather" book, a "questions" book and a Keep calm book with quotes from famous chaps in it because apparently thats what hes into right now.. and a beer bong.
Hannah received a "Breakfast at Tiffanys" mug and purple eyeliner off me, and Eric got her a "grumpy old git" mug and a load of chocolate..

We all done pretty well I feel.

Thats all for now.

Kirsten x

The title is "You need me, I dont need you" by Ed Sheeran and "Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas" by Michael Buble


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