Wednesday 21 October 2015

Addiction in Cheltenham


Hi guys. 

I cant believe its been over a month since I last put up a blog post. Slacking a little bit, I know. I wish I could blame it on the 3rd year work load but alas, I cannot. I haven't started any of it. I want to say its because none of its due in any time soon, which is true but that doesn't even scratch the surface. 

The main reason: procrastination.

I know this is a usual excuse for people but let me just explain what ive been doing to procrastinate. 
(This is the part where I embarrass myself greatly)

Activity #1: Greys Anatomy

Greys Anatomy is a 11-season tv show originally shown on ABC and now streamed on American netflix and I am OBSESSED with it. Ive been watching it for about two months and im currently on season 7, which should be both impressive and pathetic. Why both, I hear you ask?
Impressive because within around about 60 days I have watched 126+ hour-long episodes of this programme. Its pathetic because within those two months I could have been doing something productive like starting my dissertation or researching things for the record label thing im setting up for one of my assessments. 
Here comes my reasons why you should watch this amazing tv show. 

Reason 1: If you're into "relationship goals" and watching friendships blossom into amazingness that could become an addiction at any point, then you need this tv show. 
RS1: Meredith Grey and Cristina Yang
RS2: George O' Malley and Izzy Stevens (Please note: This friendship will break you)
RS3: Mark Sloan and Callie Torres.

Reason 2: It could make you smarter. IE: I now know very long words like cardiothuracic (A doctor that specialises in hearts and chests) and craniotomy (surgical removal of piece of skull from ones brain)

Please make sure you dont do what I did and marathon nearly a season every two days. I had a dream that I needed a craniotomy the other day because I had a bleed on my brain. It was terrifying and I now wear a seatbelt everywhere I go (in a car obviously).

Activity #2: Watching things about cats.

Yes, I should be a crazy lady. I feel like in about 20 years or so, I may end up living in a tiny flat with 10 cats with names that begin with the same letter and I dont have an issue with this. I mean, its not a bad life to live. Anyhow, if you have me on facebook then you will see the amount of cat videos I share or that I'm tagged in. 

Activity #3: Tinder.

For any of you that live under a rock and dont know what this is, it is a dating app. This app is super simple and mainly frowned upon. Why? Because its usually used for hooking up with someone that lives in your area. Im not saying I use it for that reason in the slightest, but it is highly addictive and can get very distracting. Ive had this app for nearly three years on and off and Ive been on one date, which was this summer. However, since coming back to Cheltenham my addiction is out of control, which has been proven since I have matched with a 46 year old, through no fault of my own (Blame Emily) 

I hope you enjoyed this silly little blog post.
Kirst x