Sunday 1 December 2013

These are a few of my favourite things, or not..



In this blog post, I decided to do a post about my favourite and least favourite

The summer before uni, after all my exams finished, I spent the months chasing around a band, lying around in the sun and going out drinking every week.
Oh how I wish I could back to those times, and state of mind.
Since uni started, I havnt had time to go around to gigs, and havnt had the money to be spending on buying tickets for gigs.
For instance, The Wanted and James Arthur both released tickets for  the beginning of 2014, and do you think im going? not a chance. This makes me extremely sad because all of my friends are going, and I absolutely adore both acts.

This is only relevent because my first favourite is gigging. Christ knows how many gigs ive been to, but my favourite gigs ive ever been to, was The Brit Awards in 2011, and Nicki Minaj. They were both astounding, and couldnt have asked for a better gig.
The Brits that year included artists like Mumford and Sons, Take That, Rihanna, Adele, Cee Lo Green, Arcade Fire, Plan B, and Tinie Tempah.  It was the most random bunch of performances ever, but it was fantastic and although its expensive, its definitely worth the money.

My first dislike would have to be bad smells. You're probably thinking, get a grip Kirsten, nobody LIKES bad smells. But my dislike of them is more like an irrational fear. Like, im actually scared of bad smells. Not in general, but if I can smell something minging, and theres a chance it could be me, I will start to panic. For EG:
Last New Years day, I could smell something awful. Baring in mind, I used to work in a food hall, so it definitely wouldn't have been sanitary for anything there to smell. Nobody I was working with could smell it, so naturally I thought it was me. I started sniffing everywhere, trying to clean everything, pull everything out. It got to the point where I had to call a cleaner out to find the source. And I was right. Im not going to tell you what said source was because unhygenic and stuff, but it definitely was not nice.

My second like (obsession) is SHOPPING. Just like any girl, I have a unhealthy obsession with shopping, and any type will do. Whether it's clothes shopping, shopping for miscellaneous things like DVDs or stationary or food shopping. I AM ALL OVER THAT SHIT. As long as I have money. It kills me not having any because no money means no shopping :(

This is where my 3rd like comes into play.
I love christmas, only not for the gifts.
For everything else. Like Christmas songs, Christmas films, decorations, food, clothing.. well you catch my drift.
I LOVE buying other people presents aswell.
In Uni, we've done this secret santa type affair, and we had a limit of £5 and what ive bought my person I absolutely love and I hope said person will love aswell. (a photo will arrive after i give the stuff to her, as im not sure if she reads this or not)
Ive also bought some other people little presents aswell, including Hannah, Ryan, Eric and Ellie. Just because.
I also love card writing/giving and wrapping presents to cute films or christmas music.
Wrapping presents is my most favourite thing and im afraid to say I do it quite well.

Second dislike, NEEDLES. Im a complete pussy when it comes to them. To the point where, if I know im having them I will force someone to come with me, and im sure in 20 years of life, ive only ever had one needly on my own.
I dont even have tattoos on my own, and have someone holding my hand while im having them.
Im sure it got so bad at one point my mum had to sit on me to let the doctor do it. Like I said, im a pussy.

Dislike number 3. Sausages. 
When I first got here, im sure Hannah, Eric and Catherine thought I was crazy. Because in a matter of a week they found out I didnt eat sausages, wasnt really fussed on bacon and hates BBQ sauce with a passion. All three things they all decide to cook at one point. They full on stunk the kitchen out, it was VILE.
It has got to the point where they dont really cook sausages unless its in Hannahs Hallogen cooker (evil cooker type thing that turns itself on and off) so it doesnt really smell.

Like number 4 is READING.
Reading is my go-to thing if im feeling bored or down. Its literally like my escape, which may sound super lame, or super geeky but whatever. Dont judge if you dont read, or havnt tried to read.
I re-read books all the time just because most of the books are great, and I like to just keep reliving that book. Recently, I re-read The Hunger Games trilogy, because Catching Fire came out in the cinema, and im sure i got asked about 5 times how I could re-read a book, and I just said because its a good book. My favourite authors are Cecelia Ahern or Jenny Colgan.
My favourite books are both by Cecelia Ahern, called P.S I love you, or Where Rainbows End. PS I love you, funnily enough is also one of my favourite films, and I can recite the script.
If you read this blog and do read yourself, I recommend you go and take a gander at the books that Colgan and Ahern write, especially if you're into girly books because they're always amazingly written and have such good plots.

Dislike number 4: FOOTBALL.
I am a rugby girl through and through and can never understand how people can sit there and watch guys kick a ball into a net. I mean, I suppose people could say the same about rugby because all they do technically is run down a pitch until they get to the line, but at least theres always a bit of action in Rugby. Even if you knock into a player in football, someone gets given a yellow or red card. In rugby, massive pile ups always happen and they just get on with it.
pluuuuuusssss, DOSE THIGHS THO

Like and dislike number 5.. CIDER.

I have mixed feelings about this one. I came to uni and the ONLY thing I ever drank was malibu, or VK.
However seeing as cider is cheaper, i moved onto that. I started on strongbow which is absolutely vile, however I am in LOOOOVE with brothers/gaymers.. which I only seem to drink. Particularly, toffee apple brothers, and the raspberry and pear gaymers (however does taste a bit like toast in my opinion)

My final like is TUMBLR
Tumblr is also my go-to thing when im feeling down or bored and if you do find yourself on my tumblr you will always see how im feeling. My tumblr URL is diliri0usmistakes so feel free to take a gander on that if you wish. If you find some inappropriate things or some stuff you dont like, dont come back complaining to me, because I did not  make you go on there. :)

Thats all for now.
My next post will be up within the next week but im not sure on a specific date because I do have a lot of deadlines coming up.
Kirsten x


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