Sunday 19 January 2014

First post of the year!



I actually forgot about this blog until last night when I was pondering over life, as you do at 3am.

the past 3 weeks have been quite interesting.
Im not going to bother with the rest of my Cardiff trip because I think people who actually read this will probably had a guts full of hearing about it.
Although something that was a first for me was that I HAD MY FIRST NEW YEARS KISS. I know it seems quite minor for some people, but it was quite big for me (i'm quite lame.)
I went back to Chelts the week before uni started, and the first day back, i went to the hospital with Hannah, turns out I might have fractured my skafroid bone in my wrist the first night I had out in Cardiff when I wet back for Christmas. So, as a result of that ive been in a cast for the past 2 weeks. YAY. Its super annoying because ive gotta shower in a plastic bag, I cant do my own dishes and I cant write notes in lectures.
But despite that, it hasnt stopped me going out.

My first night out back was on the Thursday when I came back was hilarious. It was only Ryan, Hannah and I and I was so drunk I actually threw up. (doesnt happen in cheltenham)
But it was a really good night.
My next night out was on the Monday, when Austin and Jazmin decided that they were going to show the new americans Cheltenham nightlife. We ended up at Glamourpuss, which is a night where Kukui and Voodoo merge. This night, id say was a bust on my part, although it was lovely to get to know some of the americans that arent in our flat. A couple of them have decided that im like one of their friends from back home and have taken to calling me beaker, which amuses me, but scares me because I cant say im like anything/anyone in particular??
But in the end I had to drag Eric and Ellie out of the club, and make sure neither got run over or ran into walls. I also got blamed for depriving them of food, which is a complete lie. Anyway, I spent the whole night sober and my wrist was aching like a bitch.

Laura, Shaun, Stephen, Eric, Ben, Cait, Munya, Kenda, Ellie and me

 Ellie and I then went out with some of the people from our course, and two guys from Laura and Emily's flat. I feel like this night was one of the best Ive had out since moving to Cheltenham.
Laura, Emily, Alex and Fwin(James) came to Regency to pre drink with Ellie and I. We played 2 games of Ring of fire and of course I ended up with the shit mix both times. Safe to say I was fucked. we also made a rule saying the next people to pick up a certain card, they had to knock on someones door in the next corridor and introduce themselves. Ellie got the card and knocked on Shauns door while he was skyping his parents.. Oops!
I cant really remember what happened the majority of the night, except we all ended up walking around moos just talking to people we knew and stuff then making friends with people that were POM(popular music) 3rd years and them telling us they would let us record them(part of our new module) which was interesting.

The night after Hannah, Ryan and I went out, flat 4100, flat 5300 and some of the new americans did film night on Erics projector which he brought back up after Christmas. We watched Elysium; I didnt really like it but a load of people loved it. Suppose it has to be your type of film.
After everyone went back to their flats, Eric, Hannah, Ryan and I stayed in the kitchen, and Ryan went absolutely insane for about half an hour. He started OINKING, and called Hannah and I scheming pixies. I was sat in the window sill with my eyes literally streaming because it was so funny.

I know id already said that but I thought i'd elaborate.
Their names are Megan, Bree and Ben and they are so much fun.

I'm having genuine thoughts about dropping out at the moment because of some of the assignments we've got coming up in the new modules.
One in particular im extremely worries about in for "music industry practices"
We've got to find an artist, record them, then market them..
Marketing them; not so hard..
Finding someone and recording them; NAHHH.
What do they think I am?

Then for a module called "sound and screen" we've got to record a music video and a 2 minute promotion video..

I dont think much else has really happened, except ive off home at the end of the month because mumma has a hospital appointment and cant be in the house on her own.

Thats it.
Kirsten x


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