Sunday 29 December 2013

Making resolutions is a cleansing ritual of self assessment and repentance that demands personal honesty and ultimately, reinforces humility. Breaking them is part of the cycle - Eric Zorn



CHRISTMAS IS OVER FINALLY, and I'm back in Cardiff.
I hope you all had a very festive week, full of alcohol and presents.
And I also hope you all ate your body weight in food because that's that happens over Christmas.

So last weekend, I spent the majority of it either at work, or on my own in the flat because Hannah went to Portsmouth for the weekend to see her grandparents.
It was an extremely frightening weekend to say the least.
Because that flat scares the shit out of me when I'm in it alone.
To make matters worse, we got broken into.
Granted, the person/people only took alcohol, but still it was still scary as fuck. The Saturday was also a good day for drama seeing at there was a riot van and 2 police cars sat outside Regency for the night. 
Hannah then came home on Monday, and I sat in on her skype call with Ryan which was interesting.
That's legit the only thing that happened up until Christmas Eve, when I got to go home. I was so excited, I could have been compared to a little puppy. 
Got home, went into my old work to see my mam and get last minute presents and went home. Me, my mum, my brother and his girlfriend ate KFC and played cards against humanity. Which was hilarious, because my mum got super embarrassed at what was said on the cards.. The first one she got was "how did I lose my virginity?" Which I had to explain didn't actually mean HER, it was just a card.

Then camr Christmas Day, I got some really nice things.. Mcbusted ticket, my expensive make up, and clothes, my perfume, a The Wanted calendar, an asda gift card, which I was gonna spend on food, but I spent the majority on make up, oops. I think my nan loved what I got her, she was pretty buzzing. The best part of the day was the dinner, NOM. first cooked dinner I've had for agggeeeees. I was so disappointed with what was on TV though­čś¬

I went out on the Friday with my friends, Hannah, Shannon, Jenny and Jenna. And it was seriously one of the funniest nights ever even though I've seriously bruised myself. 

I know this was a short post, but it hope you enjoy it.
Kirsten x

Wednesday 18 December 2013

"Dashing through the... NO"



I havnt done one of these in a while, and I think ive missed it. There is a festive treat at the bottom of this page, but please read the blog post as I have put some effort into writing this.

So this week could possibly be one of the most stressful weeks of my life, completely my own fault of course.
But, its almost over, and Christmas is almost upon us.
Oh joy.. because ive bothered to do Christmas shopping, havnt I?

Obviously, being a girl and the fact that I said I love Christmas shopping, you'd think the answer would be yes,
Ive finished shopping for my mum..
But I literally havn't got anything for the rest of my family.
Ive sent off cards and stuff.. but no, thats it.
Which is making things a tiny bit worse.

But thats not why my weeks been stressful.
I had 2 assignments due in.
a 2000 word essay which I had only started the day before the due date and a website/evaluation type thing. I finished both on the due date, and literally it was the worst idea ever to leave to do so late and I dont know why I did it..
Maybe because im an idiot?
Yeah, i'm going with that.

Today, however, was interesting.
Emily and I sat in the library from 12:00pm till 7:00pm doing our work.
I finished mine and handed it in at 6, and stayed around for moral support..
Im sure I definitely would have been taking out my extension if Laura didnt help me, #fabulousfriend
But I think I just made Emily more stressed..
Being that I gave the polly pocket to a really hot guy (Sorry EM!)
I would have understood if she did it.. Im sure she was going to go find him to get it back off her mind..
I then sat there on Tumblr while (trying to) motivating her.
Not a good idea when ive been sat there for so long that my ass went numb and I was bored of staring at computer screens. Then I had a long walk home.. In the rain!!!!
Seriously, I thought Cardiff was bad for rain. I literally thought I was going to drown. It didnt help that I hadnt worn a coat, or brought an umbrella. Again, idiot.
Im kind of lucky that I wore a jumper over my WHITE vest though.  Even though the jumper did have holes in, (on purpose)
I bet every Tom, Dick and Harry could see my bra..

In other news, everyone went home the past week. Including Americans.
Its funny, Hannah and I sat there on Sunday and we both said how quiet it was without them, even though they only ever emerged from their room when they were getting food or something, it was weird not hearing "Hey guys" or "sup" every so often and im not sure I like it.
Ryan and Ellie left on Sunday, which was weird because Ryan's the loudest out the lot of us, so it definitely got a LOT quieter and Hannah definitely got weirder..
It was also very weird having to do work without my buddy, Ellie :(

I think she may be having withdrawal symptoms from the wild Ryan. Then on Tuesday, Eric left.. which made it a bit more weirder, because hes always flailing in and out of the kitchen making odd noises when hes not holed away in his nest.. Regency is just a very quiet place to live at the moment.
On Tuesday, after Eric left, Hannah and I did the whole "Lady date" because we were the last broken ones left.. We had "dine in for £10" which was awesome!
I was made to have Gammon, which im not fussed on.. but it wasnt too bad, but the chips, omgggggggg!!! They were amazing!
They werent just chips, they were M&S chips.
There was also this millionaires shortbread mousse type thing, which was alright, and we had this apple pop thing, because neither of us like wine. Anyway, it was a really nice evening and we both just stayed up talking about anything and everything, which is what usually happens when you stick me and Hann on our own together.

I dont think anything else has really happened, I got a couple of new books..
Cecelia Ahern - How to fall in love
Belle De Jour - The intimate adventures of a London call girl.

I only bought the second one because Ive been watching the TV show and thought it might be worth reading.
The first one was bought because, well.. I cant not by Cecelia Ahern's books. Addiction!!!

OK, thats all for now,
Laura, Ryan, Ellie and Eric, if you read this..

Thanks for reading.
Kirsten x

Thursday 12 December 2013

On the second week of Christmas my teachers gave to me, 5 all nighters, 4 hours of crying, 3 mental breakdowns, 2 thoughts of drop outs, and a month of anxiety!



So this post is just general "what I've been upto" this week type of stuff.
Seeing as it's almost the end of term, all our lecturers have stuck a load of assignments on us. 
Ellie and I had 2 due in last week, and we've got 2 due in this week

Last weeks assignments weren't too bad I feel. We had a 2000 word essay due in for mapping out the music industry, for which we had to do a case study on a sector in the music industry. I chose festivals and mainly based it around Glastonbury and wake stock. It was really interesting to learn about and I'm glad I chose festivals to research.
We also had to group presentation, which we did on Universal Music Group.
WE TANKED! Like, it was awful, I'll be surprised if we even get a 2.2.
Next weeks assignments include a 5 page website with a 700 word evaluation which I've just found out has to be in HTML as well. We also have to do another 2000 word essay on something in film, which I don't quite get, but I will by Wednesday, I swear it.
I'm kind of lucky that I'm just as far behind as Ellie, so I don't feel too bad.

Last week, to celebrate the fact that we had got 2 assignments in within 2 days, we went to moo moos. And I swear to God I haven't been that drunk in SO long. The day after I found out that I was slut dropping and all sorts. I am a disgrace!!! I was also forced to keep a dog ugly boy in my bed, not cool. Despite all that, it was a really fun night

Tuesday night, we did our flat Christmas party as well, and it was AWESOME. My secret Santa, who turned out to be Georgia got me this "sexy firefighters" diary which was awesome, the bodies in there are fantastic and makes me wonder why the hell the UK don't have any like that. I also think that Jazmin, who I bought for loved her presents, which was a little popcorn holder type thing and a lush scarf which I was tempted to keep for myself, that's how much I liked it.
Me, and Hannah split of this Italian platter, which was MINT! It had like, mini pizzas, dough balls, lasagne bites, and mozzarella sticks(which the cheese fell out of) we also bought these brownie things which were terrible because they were literally the most meltiest things ever, so they went everywhere. Not cool!

We all got really drunk and played cards against humanity and ring of fire and played really awful songs and it was really fun, and I'm so so grateful to have these people in my life.

I also went home on Monday which brought my stress levels down by 100%. Love seeing my mum and also caught up with my buddies, Hannah, Jenny and Shannon.

That's all I really have to say now Barr, remember in my last post where I said I would be staying in regency on my own over Christmas break? Well I'm not now!!!
My buddy Hannah's staying aswell because she got a little Christmas job toooooo, yayyyy!

That's all I've got to say for now. No doubt there will be another one up soon.
Kirsten x

Sunday 8 December 2013

You need me man, I dont need you or, Its beginning to look a lot like christmas? Who knows.



Im gonna be super whiney in the first part of this blog.
Then im going to go REALLY cheery in the second part and talk about Christmas.

So lately ive been in this completely vile mood. Who knows why? Literally everyone is pissing me off, and its not their fault in the slightest. Like, someone could laugh really loudly and i'd get super annoyed.
Fuck being a girl.
And before you ask.. Its not THAT.
I think its just the stress of uni getting to me.

What the hell do you do to get rid of stress?
I mean, music or chocolate doesnt help.. These things used to help me. I cant bring myself to watch my favourite films, and ive even stopped reading.
One thing that has been putting me in a bit of a better mood is cat videos. Weird, right?
If you dont have me on facebook, then you have a slight lesser chance to see the specific video im on about..
It is the CUTEST thing ever, and I will be disappointed if you dont re-watch it.

On to Christmas..
Flat 4100 has been preparing for Christmas since mid november and until my job interview, I was super freaking excited to go home and spend christmas with my family, and friends.
Then I got the job in Marks and Spencer and now I have to spend it around Farmers moaning because im too slow on a freaking till. Not that I mind staying in Regency halls on my own till Christmas Eve night.(please note the sarcasm)
The week leading up to Christmas and the week after Christmas are always my fave.
Because of the fucking films of all things.
Like, I'm going to missing Mary Poppins, Sound of Music, Alladin, Doctor Who Christmas Special ect..
And if anything say "You can watch them online/Catch up online" its not the same.
Like I hate adverts just like the rest of the world population but then films are on TV it makes it a completely different viewing experience.
Also, im going to miss the company.. Im going to be in the halls all on my todd, so im literally going to be texting every fucker going.. Good luck processing the texts going from my phone Orange :)

Although I am going home on Christmas Eve, im not going to get home until something like 8pm, which by then my mum and brothers going to have already eaten and in their cute little PJ's and im going to be lugging my backpack through the door like "HEY, YOU COULD HAVE WAITED FOR ME!!" Not fun whatsoever..
And to make it worse, my mums gotta drop me back christmas evening because I have work on Boxing Day.. FUCK YOU M&S

Im super keen for my Christmas dinner though.. I havnt had my mums roast since the beginning of September, and it is LONG overdue.
I genuinely miss roast potatoes.

I have had most of my favourite christmassy things in Cheltenham though..
Starbucks christmas drinks and mince pies. omnomnom.
Starbucks have downgraded though, their christmas drinks arent as good as last year and I have preferred Costa's
Especially their Salted Caramel Latte and their Ginger and Cream latte.
They were soooooo good.
4100 did our present-giving this week because Hannah and Ryan went into child mode once i'd put their presents under the tree, and God forbid you have wrapped presents under trees.
So we all unwrapped presents.
I feel like we all loved our presents.. Well I know I definitely did.. God knows about the others..

Hannah got me: Soap and Glory; sugar crush
Eric got me: Soap and Glory; the rightious butter
Ryan got me: 3 tubes of The Body Shop christmas edition hand creams in gingerbread, vanilla and cranberry.

I think they all Coordinated..
But I loved them!
Eric received:
A pack of marvel playing cards, an "Eric the Penguin" calendar and a pack of bacon off me.. Hannah got him a "My little Pony" mug and Ryan got him a "Gay Icon mug" and a construct your own straw
Ryan received a "would you rather" book, a "questions" book and a Keep calm book with quotes from famous chaps in it because apparently thats what hes into right now.. and a beer bong.
Hannah received a "Breakfast at Tiffanys" mug and purple eyeliner off me, and Eric got her a "grumpy old git" mug and a load of chocolate..

We all done pretty well I feel.

Thats all for now.

Kirsten x

The title is "You need me, I dont need you" by Ed Sheeran and "Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas" by Michael Buble

Saturday 7 December 2013

In this lifetime, I want you to be mine. Cause I took a long look at my bucket list, and I saw that at the bottom it said our first kiss.



Super bored, and slightly hungover.
So I thought, the only way to cure both?
Blog post. Obviously.

So in this one, I thought i'd start my bucket list.
Im only going to do around 25 things, but if I think of anymore
after, I will add them for your viewing pleasure.

Before I start that. Im going to explain what happened last night, yay!
So Ellie and I were sat in the kitchen watching "lukeisnotsexy" youtube videos, completely bored out of our wits. So we decided to start drinking.
We roped Eric into our little plan. We all sat their and realised there was probably more people upstairs bored. Knowing Ashley, Munya, Austin and Georgia were out. I facebooked Jazmin and Stephen, low and behold. They said YES.

So we all literally sat around the table talking, beer bonging and just general drinking. Then we started playing Ring of Fire (lethal) which was pretty funny. Eric got the first joker, which if you havn't played before basically means you can make up a rule for the game until someone draws the next. His rule: Nobody is allowed to ask questions. This was stupidly hard because we ALL asked questions, therefore we all drank. Fortunately for me, I picked the next 3 jokers. My rules: 1) Eric isnt allowed to talk unless he picks a card. 2) Eric isnt allowed to talk full stop. Then on the 3rd, just before me, Ellie drew the last king, which means she had to drink the shit mix. I then drew the last joker, and changed Ellie drinking the shit mix to Eric. It was a bully Eric day obviously.
We then played Truth or Dare.
Never a good idea.
Learnt a fair few things, and also revealed a lot.

On to my bucket list?

1. Dye my hair ginger
2. Go to as many zoo's as I can (lame, I know. I just really like zoos man)
3. Go to V fest, Wake stock, Creamfields, Glasto and Reading.
4. Get married abroad, specifically on a beach. Or in Vegas.
5. Own a pair of Louboutins.
6. Travel across Europe.
7. Stop drinking altogether (after 30)
8. Get at least 15 tattoos (on 7 right now)
9. Live in London (Even if its just for like, a year)
10. Meet some of my favourite actors.
11. Renovate a really musty old house.
12. Watch all the seasons of Doctor Who.
13. Swim with dolphins.
14. Jump out of a plane.
15. Stay in one of those igloo hotel's in Norway.
16. Learn how to bake.
17. Give blood.
18. Attend a medium.
19. Get my degree.
20. Learn a different language (french or spanish)
21. Travel around America. I want to go to Cali, NY, Florida, Boston, Chicago, Washington, and a load of the southern states.
22. Go to a fashion show. Like a high-end fashion show (Chanel, Alexander Mcqueen, Chloe)
23. Learn how to make cocktails properly.
24. Try oysters.
25. Get engaged on the Empire State.

Hope you enjoyed reading that.
Kirsten x

PS. The song in the title is Bucket List - Nelly Furtado.

Monday 2 December 2013

"If you dont know me by now, you never will"


Hi there.

I got bored so I decided to do another blog.

So I thought, seeing as I did a "likes and dislikes" post yesterday, i'd do a detailed "25 facts about me" post today.

1: I have 7 tattoos.

I know people are thinking, "oh, theres going to be some crazy-detailed meaning behind each of these tattoos." but there isnt at all. I saw the majority of these on the internet, immediately loved them, so decided to get them. The only one that I didnt see on the internet is the last one. That quote is from "Perks of being a wallflower" which is an epic book which means a lot to me.

2: My friends and family mean the world to me. Like, I don't think I would be who I am today without any of them. Old, or new. If im lucky enough to have you in my life permanently, then im going to try my hardest to make sure you stay there.
I would also do absolutely anything for them.
If you know you're one of these people, and you read this then I love you.

3: Im quite loud, which wont be a shock for a lot of you. However what will shock you is that I do have quiet days/moments. In these quiet moments, there is probably something wrong with me and I dont usually like talking about it. So I just want to be left alone, even if im with people, I like to just sit quietly and listen to conversations going on around me.

4: I overthink every little thing. It sometimes gets me into trouble. It also sometimes ruins things for me. But it happens and I cant help it.

5: Duvet days are my favourite types of days. I love snuggling up with my duvet, or my throw and watching films or catching up on tv with a cup of tea, and junk food.

6: Im VERY sentimental. Somewhere at home I have a shoebox of old cards, and another shoe box full of concert tickets and cinema tickets. These types of things mean a lot to my and I dont throw things away if they have memories connected to them

7. Ive only been in uni 3 months and my bathroom door is almost full of photos of my friends.

8. I have friends all over England, through a band called Kingsland.(previously mentioned in a blog) These girls mean a lot to me. There are a bunch that I class as my little sisters called Abbie, Kayleigh, Faye and Beccy. They're the loveliest girls ever and I miss them so much.

(LtoR - Beccy, Emily, Faye, Kayleigh, Abbie)
9: I really dont like men's feet. They're always quite big and they freak me out.

10: The girls back home call me "slut". Im not sure why, they just do. (This is not an invitation for people to start calling me it)

11: I love make up. Its my favourite thing.

12: I really like talking in "chav" language or abbreviated words. I tend to say bc a lot while im talking and it does get people quite confused. Especially in Cheltenham.

13: Not having a job killed me. Especially because i'd had a job since I was 16, so was quite used to getting up at early and having to get ready on weekends and stuff. Plus the regular income was a god send.

14: I want to travel across the world. I really want to visit Asia, Sweden, Germany, Italy, America and Australia.

15: Clean sheets > life

16: I really dislike self-absorbed people. Like to the point where I cant stand to be in the same room as them, so I try to avoid them as much as possible.

17: I feel like im a good listener. Like I can sit there and listen to people talk about their lives and not get bored simply because I find it interesting seeing how people have lived their lives.

18: My GHD's, phone and IPod are my lifeline.

19: Old tv shows are awesome. My faves include Saved by the Bell, Sabrina the teenage witch and Charmed.

20: People find this hard to believe, and usually I have to get my provisional out to prove it to people. But I was born in Germany. My father was in the RAF and was based out in Wegberg. My mother was living out there when she had me. However I moved to Oxford when I was 6 months old and im pretty sure I lived there till I was 2 or something.

21: I am very injury prone. But even though this is true, ive only ever fractured my wrist. I did this at my 13th birthday party when trying to kick a balloon. Fail on my part.

22: I enjoy travelling. Whether its on my own, or with friends. I find it incredibly fun and quite relaxing. But if imon my own I hate people sitting next to me. Literally feels like theyre trying to squeeze into my pockets, and makes me feel claustraphobic.

23: I cant cook to save my life. Like, I struggle to cook things in the oven. I had to ask Hannah to stay in the kitchen with me the first time I tried to cook spaghetti just incase I cocked it up.

24: Right now, my hair is the longest its been since I was 14. I literally always had it short, and growing it out is one of the best things ive decided to do.

25: Im relatively happy with how I look at the moment.

Thats all for today.
Thanks for reading.
Kirsten x

PS The title is lyrics that comes from a song by Simply Red.

Sunday 1 December 2013

These are a few of my favourite things, or not..



In this blog post, I decided to do a post about my favourite and least favourite

The summer before uni, after all my exams finished, I spent the months chasing around a band, lying around in the sun and going out drinking every week.
Oh how I wish I could back to those times, and state of mind.
Since uni started, I havnt had time to go around to gigs, and havnt had the money to be spending on buying tickets for gigs.
For instance, The Wanted and James Arthur both released tickets for  the beginning of 2014, and do you think im going? not a chance. This makes me extremely sad because all of my friends are going, and I absolutely adore both acts.

This is only relevent because my first favourite is gigging. Christ knows how many gigs ive been to, but my favourite gigs ive ever been to, was The Brit Awards in 2011, and Nicki Minaj. They were both astounding, and couldnt have asked for a better gig.
The Brits that year included artists like Mumford and Sons, Take That, Rihanna, Adele, Cee Lo Green, Arcade Fire, Plan B, and Tinie Tempah.  It was the most random bunch of performances ever, but it was fantastic and although its expensive, its definitely worth the money.

My first dislike would have to be bad smells. You're probably thinking, get a grip Kirsten, nobody LIKES bad smells. But my dislike of them is more like an irrational fear. Like, im actually scared of bad smells. Not in general, but if I can smell something minging, and theres a chance it could be me, I will start to panic. For EG:
Last New Years day, I could smell something awful. Baring in mind, I used to work in a food hall, so it definitely wouldn't have been sanitary for anything there to smell. Nobody I was working with could smell it, so naturally I thought it was me. I started sniffing everywhere, trying to clean everything, pull everything out. It got to the point where I had to call a cleaner out to find the source. And I was right. Im not going to tell you what said source was because unhygenic and stuff, but it definitely was not nice.

My second like (obsession) is SHOPPING. Just like any girl, I have a unhealthy obsession with shopping, and any type will do. Whether it's clothes shopping, shopping for miscellaneous things like DVDs or stationary or food shopping. I AM ALL OVER THAT SHIT. As long as I have money. It kills me not having any because no money means no shopping :(

This is where my 3rd like comes into play.
I love christmas, only not for the gifts.
For everything else. Like Christmas songs, Christmas films, decorations, food, clothing.. well you catch my drift.
I LOVE buying other people presents aswell.
In Uni, we've done this secret santa type affair, and we had a limit of £5 and what ive bought my person I absolutely love and I hope said person will love aswell. (a photo will arrive after i give the stuff to her, as im not sure if she reads this or not)
Ive also bought some other people little presents aswell, including Hannah, Ryan, Eric and Ellie. Just because.
I also love card writing/giving and wrapping presents to cute films or christmas music.
Wrapping presents is my most favourite thing and im afraid to say I do it quite well.

Second dislike, NEEDLES. Im a complete pussy when it comes to them. To the point where, if I know im having them I will force someone to come with me, and im sure in 20 years of life, ive only ever had one needly on my own.
I dont even have tattoos on my own, and have someone holding my hand while im having them.
Im sure it got so bad at one point my mum had to sit on me to let the doctor do it. Like I said, im a pussy.

Dislike number 3. Sausages. 
When I first got here, im sure Hannah, Eric and Catherine thought I was crazy. Because in a matter of a week they found out I didnt eat sausages, wasnt really fussed on bacon and hates BBQ sauce with a passion. All three things they all decide to cook at one point. They full on stunk the kitchen out, it was VILE.
It has got to the point where they dont really cook sausages unless its in Hannahs Hallogen cooker (evil cooker type thing that turns itself on and off) so it doesnt really smell.

Like number 4 is READING.
Reading is my go-to thing if im feeling bored or down. Its literally like my escape, which may sound super lame, or super geeky but whatever. Dont judge if you dont read, or havnt tried to read.
I re-read books all the time just because most of the books are great, and I like to just keep reliving that book. Recently, I re-read The Hunger Games trilogy, because Catching Fire came out in the cinema, and im sure i got asked about 5 times how I could re-read a book, and I just said because its a good book. My favourite authors are Cecelia Ahern or Jenny Colgan.
My favourite books are both by Cecelia Ahern, called P.S I love you, or Where Rainbows End. PS I love you, funnily enough is also one of my favourite films, and I can recite the script.
If you read this blog and do read yourself, I recommend you go and take a gander at the books that Colgan and Ahern write, especially if you're into girly books because they're always amazingly written and have such good plots.

Dislike number 4: FOOTBALL.
I am a rugby girl through and through and can never understand how people can sit there and watch guys kick a ball into a net. I mean, I suppose people could say the same about rugby because all they do technically is run down a pitch until they get to the line, but at least theres always a bit of action in Rugby. Even if you knock into a player in football, someone gets given a yellow or red card. In rugby, massive pile ups always happen and they just get on with it.
pluuuuuusssss, DOSE THIGHS THO

Like and dislike number 5.. CIDER.

I have mixed feelings about this one. I came to uni and the ONLY thing I ever drank was malibu, or VK.
However seeing as cider is cheaper, i moved onto that. I started on strongbow which is absolutely vile, however I am in LOOOOVE with brothers/gaymers.. which I only seem to drink. Particularly, toffee apple brothers, and the raspberry and pear gaymers (however does taste a bit like toast in my opinion)

My final like is TUMBLR
Tumblr is also my go-to thing when im feeling down or bored and if you do find yourself on my tumblr you will always see how im feeling. My tumblr URL is diliri0usmistakes so feel free to take a gander on that if you wish. If you find some inappropriate things or some stuff you dont like, dont come back complaining to me, because I did not  make you go on there. :)

Thats all for now.
My next post will be up within the next week but im not sure on a specific date because I do have a lot of deadlines coming up.
Kirsten x