Thursday 27 February 2014

"Do you want to build a snow man?" Or play a game of football.



So I've had the most fun week ever so I thought I'd do a blog about it.
Monday day I actually went to my lectures which I never do.
Bob told Ellie and I that he missed us then spoke about Law, which was effort 
But we found out that we didn't have to do a presentation that was due, which was amazing because I had only did my research the night before.
However, Ellie, Emily, Laura, Charlotte and I had to do a debate on the BBC wasting money and although it felt like Ellie and Emily kicked our asses, we drew.
On Tuesday, we learnt about green screen and on Wednesday we learnt how to blend noises out of tracks, and it was interesting as fuck. I think I finished first and all I did was mess around with the mixing board on the mac.

However, what made the week fun is that we actually ventured out of the flat. On Tuesday after lectures, Megan, Eric, Hannah, Eric, and I went to pittville park to play football and climb trees because Megan needed to take pictures. It was super fun and we all got ridiculously muddy.

Tuesday night, we watched Juno but half way through I went to skype my friend but the majority of the time I listened to him screaming on FIFA. 
Wednesday night, there was a film festival on, but Megan and I weren't feeling going but everyone else was going, so I invited Ellie and Emily down and we watched an episode of Saved by the Bell, and messed around on Facebook. Then everyone came back and we just pissed about and took snap chats and what not. 

Then today, I legit have just chilled.
Emily came over and we ordered pizza and Ellie and Megan joined us and we watched the 1d film
Then we went to the park again and we all got super muddy again and it was really fun!

That's all for now. 
Kirsten x

Tuesday 25 February 2014


Dear Josh, Jay, Matt, Thomps and Connor

First of all, thank you.
You made 2013 more special for me than you will ever know.
You have given me so many memories that I will her forget and I can't tell you
How much that means to me.
I've made so many friends through you, friends that I don't think I could live without, just through going to your gigs and through your twitters.
It's been such a pleasure getting to know each of you. And even though I know I've told each one of you several times how much you mean to me, the majority of the time I can't put my gratitude into words. 
Love you, and miss you so much
Kirsten (kirstenbryan_)

Monday 24 February 2014

"Friendship is born at that moment when one man says to another: What? You too? I thought that no one but myself" - C.S Lewis



So basically, I asked Emily to do an individual post on me earlier
And in return I said I would do one on her.
Here goes.

Emily is one of the most annoying little shits I've met since coming to uni.
But really, she's lovely and if you don't like Emily, you should be shot with a rifle.

This is Emily, her blog is You should check it out, it's decent.
 So, on the first day, I was expecting to meet Emily because although I'd spoken to a bunch of people on my course before we started, I'd known of her for a while. We're both fans of The Wanted and we had been following each other on twitter for ages. Of course she had planned to go out the night before and not made it out. 
She is legit my fave person on a night out, she gets super wasted really easily and also gets really lovey. 
Emily is also one of the people I'm living with next year and I'm so excited because she is hilarious. While we were giving our deposits, Emily had this whole thing where she thought she had to send her money to the DPS site, which is a deposit site. We told her she had to send it to YouTube. 

That's all I can really say about my lovely friend, Emily!
Except for she is the most fabulous person ever, and I love her to pieces.

Love you em!!

Kirsten x

Sunday 16 February 2014

Birthdays, and what not



So I know I touched on Hannah's birthday in my last post, but I'm going to go into detail in this post, and talk about Eric's birthday.

So, as I mentioned in my last post, Hannah turned 20 and for it, we went to nandos. I was so shocked and proud that Ryan actually pulled it off.
Earlier in the day, he had asked me to ring the restaurant and reserve a table for 15 people. I thought it might have been too late to book, but it turns out you can't book tables in the first place. I volenteered Megan to go down to the brewery half an hour before everyone was meant to meet there and book a table. It was such a load of fuss. They had to find a place to put us, and even then it took them over an hour. We had to keep telling Ryan to wait for an extra half hour, or 10 minutes. But in the end it was definitely worth it. Turned around after we'd been seated and just saw Hannah meerkatting in the door! 
When we had ordered food, I went over to the other side of the table because Austin had grabbed this extra hot sauce. Definitely wanted to try it, but he wanted Georgia to try it first which was fair enough because she literally has the biggest tolerance for hot things ever. I went to sit down next to Megan, and as I went to put my phone on the table, I dropped it. Usually this doesn't do much because nokias have the strength of bricks. But of course, this time the screen smashed. This didn't really mean much to me because I was due an upgrade anyway, but of course, Eric's luck that I had told him he could have it once I got my new phone. He still wants it though. I am now a iPhone wanker, yippee!
I ordered a chicken wrap with chips and peri peri salt. Completely ruined my food though because I had also put medium sauce on the side, which was too hot for me. Bree ended up finishing my food off because I couldn't eat it.
After nandos, a bunch of us went to weather spoons for drinks. I ordered 2 cider and blacks, Megan had half of one of them, then I had to neck 1 and a half pints because people wanted to leave. Soon as I got home I planked onto my bed because I was ill and knackard.

For Eric's birthday, we had organised a film night where we watched his fave film. Moon. Don't get too intregued. It was a really terrible film. 
He had his presents in the night as we were up at 12am watching American Horror Story. I bought him a bane action figure (bane is a character from Dark Knight Rises) and a beer called Blue Moon, Ryan bought him this 4 pack of beer called Estrella, Megan got him some American chocolate and Hannah bought him this pack of sweets that looked like crystal meth(breaking bad) 
On the day, Hannah, Ryan, Ellie, Emily and I sorted out food, like nachos, fajitas and his birthday cake which Hannah did freaking awesome.

She used a Betty Crocker cake mix, and put blue and yellow food colouring in the mix, apparently that's what the colours of the old wolverine were. She then covered the WHOLE cake with buttercream icing and drizzled chocolate buttercream over the top, it was mintttt! And obviously we blew up pink balloons and got him pink candles for the event. While the film was on, Ellie, Emily and I were sat there imessaging each other to make sure we knew what was going on, of course none of us knew and had to keep asking Eric or Megan to explain. Sorry guys!
We've just found out what modules we can take next year and I'm so freaking keen. The modules look so interesting!

I think that's it for this post.
Thanks for reading.
Kirsten x

Sunday 9 February 2014

I am not welsh anymore.



Not much had really happened since I last put a post up but I thought I'd try.
It was recently Hannah's birthday, and she is no longer a teen, yayyyyy!
We all went out for nandos for her birthday and Ryan made sure it was a surprise. 
She received a new pair of converse off Ryan and Eric. Ryan got her a load of soap and glory
Stuff and Eric got her this cute little moustache cup. Megan got her a Starbucks travel mug, and she got a couple of cards off everyone. Her birthday card finally came in the mail, and I think she liked it, it was kind of an ongoing joke, about her being an elf.

Next up is Eric's birthday, and I'm hoping he'll be nicely surprised about what we've got planned. 
I've finally got my cast off, and I honestly am so happy. It felt so weird about my hand bring free! 
We also finally got our house sorted. Everyone's deposits have been paid, and honestly, it's such a relief. People I'm living with are: Hannah, Ryan, Ellie, Emily, Stephen and Danny. 

THE RUGBY HAS STARTED. Which is why the header of this blog post is called "I'm not welsh anymore" 
Wales are playing awfully and it's genuinely making me super depressed. They won one out of two matches, and although it's more than Scotland and Italy, were definitely not going to win the championship, in fact if I could put my money on anyone to win the grand slam/championship my money would be going on Ireland this year. FAAAAANTASTIC.

We started watching American Horror Story and I swear to god, if have never watched anything so freaky in my entire life. The first series is called "Murder House" and it's about a house that a shit load of people have been killed in, and in gruesome ways. I don't know why we're watching it but we've literally watched a whole season in 2 nights. 
We've also come up with a drinking game for Mr Selfridge, and it's pretty hilarious. I havnt participated thus far, but I will let people know how it goes.

That's all for now. 
Kirsten x