Sunday 28 December 2014

New year, new me or something like that bullshit.


Hello there :)

I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas! I definitely did.
Unfortunately, Im back in Cheltenham, because im apparently allergic to my cat. I did have a great time in Cardiff, including a few great nights out.

The first one was on the first Wednesday back in Cardiff. It was super great to see Hannah and Kelly. I also got to see some of the boys as the night out was for one of their birthdays. I havnt seen them in like a year so it was really nice. I then met up with Ellie and her friend and proceeded toget very very drunk in a skankhole called metros.
The next was on the Monday with Jenny and it was so great. Of course we ended up bumping into the boys again and honestly, it was such a great night. I cockblocked Gethin and he got super annoyed so I ended up trying to hook him up with someone.

Reminder to anyone:
Im not a great wingwoman.

The last was on Boxing Day with my little bitches, Jenny, Shannon, Hannah and Kelly. This, I feel was the best night out ive had in such a long time. I was very, very drunk and met a couple of boys, which, im not going to lie, was the HOTTEST boys that i've ever seen. I also did fall over. Which is such a godsend, seeing as I cant get drunk without falling over.

The reason for this blog post was to write down my new years resolutions. I know it seems really generic but I felt like I should write them on here, I havnt got many. But they probably should be followed this year.

Be more happy.
This one probably gets said a lot, but for me this one probably is the most important. Last semester, I think I spent half of the time really angry, hungover or drunk. The last 2 I can deal with, the former, not so much. Obviously there were some points where I was happy, but I probably could count on one hand the few times I was REALLY  happy. Which is why my aim first 2015 is to get more happy. Whether thats to make myself happy or not.

2. Stop being such a mug.
This sounds so weird, but the people that know me will probably know that I let people I care about walk all over me. Which is probably the reason why ive been unhappy. There comes a like that people have, and A LOT of people cross that line and sometimes I feel my line gets taken advantage off.

3. Get more organized.
I am the least organized person you would ever meet. I might get things done quicker if my life was more organized.

4. Stop being so uptight.
This is one of my worst personality traits ever. I get super uptight about things that shouldnt really bother me, and I cant imagine how much it bugs people if it bugs me this much.

5. Stop being so harsh on myself.
This is a weird one. But sometimes, I think that I might get my arse into gear if I judge myself. But some of the time, it doesnt help in the slightest. In fact, it makes me feel worse. Ive been telling one of my buddies who also does this lately that it isnt a good thing, I just need to start listening to myself,

I reckon thats all for now.
Have a great new year,
Thanks for reading the past year, I cant tell you how much it means to me.
Kirst x

Friday 19 December 2014

Dear 25 year old me.


Dear 25 year old Kirsten.

Currently, you are sat in bed at 2:30pm thinking about what the hell you're doing with your life.
The answer you came up with? Nothing, absolutely nothing.
You have some amazing people you have surrounded yourself with, but sometimes you need to chill out with them.
You're family are also amazing, but (Yes, there is another but) you dont contact them enough.
Uni is going alright, but you need to stop going out and getting drunk and you probably should focus on your studies.
You have met some absolute belters of friends, and right now, they're probably the only people thats keeping you going so please dont jeopardise that.
Ask for help if you need it,
Dont let people mug you off.
Stop being so nice to people that don't deserve it.
Give your attention to people that do deserve it.

Im hoping that you have done this,
If you havnt, start now.

Kirst x

Age 21.

Thursday 18 December 2014

My idea of Christmas, whether old-fashioned or modern, is very simple: loving others. Come to think of it, why do we have to wait for Christmas to do that? - Bob Hope



This sounds super weird but in the midst of my hungover wallowing I really fancied writing a blog post. Took me so long to come up with an idea though!
However, I think that ive got a corker.
Im going to talk about my five best moments of 2014.

2014, for me has been a rollercoaster of a year. Some parts of it have been amazing and I wouldnt change them for the world, including getting to know my uni family better, getting drunk, catching up with old friends, spending time with my usual family and so on, other parts havnt been that great but, as cheesy as it sounds, new year, new memories and all that.

I really want to share my favourite parts of this year with you though, so here goes nothing.

1. Honestly, it wont be any suprise to anyone whose a regular reader of this blog that this is the first memory that goes up on here. The fact that ive just facetimed said person says a lot. One of the best things that happened this year was definitely meeting Megan and Brienne. I spent the majority of second semester with Megan last year and we have some of the greatest memories ever. Including walks to the park at stupid o' clock in the morning, jamming to awful songs in the kitchen, and staying up till 2am talking about religion and politics (I listened, as if i know anything about politics!!)
Honestly, having to say goodbye was easily the worst memory in 2014. They properly broke my heart. But Im so happy to have had the opportunity to meet these American greats and wouldnt change our time for the world.

Have a listen to this, you wont be disappointed.

2. Number two goes to my 21st birthday, along with Mcbusted. If you want to have a little read about this event, then go here
Basically, my wonderful best friend organized a meal in Harvester, and bought me the most lovely gifts ever! I then went home, where my mam had set out a load of cupcakes, and bought me a bracelet that I had asked for in january. The next day, Hannah Mason and I went to see Mcbusted, which was absolutely amazing! We got barrier for the gig, and James and Matt from Busted said happy birthday to us, and Tom Fletcher saw my boobs. It was the greatest moment ever. I dont think ive ever said this, however I REALLY fancy Tom from Mcfly. It was a bonus. I then went out with Ellie and her friend, Brad.

3. Number 3 would go to moving back in with my uni family. It was so weird over summer not living with these dickheads or even seeing them most days. So you can imagine, as soon as I saw them I freaked. In fact, I saw them as I was walking up the stairs, I squeezed Hannah and Ry so hard. It was so fantastic seeing them again. Emily and I had a conversation about what we were going to do after uni had finished and I got so upset that I wouldnt see them as much I went to find Hann and Ry and hug them. Those two, Em and Ellie mean quite a lot to me, as you can imagine.
(I  dont have a photo of us all, so have this fantastic picture, please enjoy it. Its my favourite photo right now.)

4. NYE, although technically in 2013, it ran over into 2014 so it totally counts. It was so nice to spend some time with my sluts. I wasnt actually that drunk either, and Oceana didnt repulse me, which is a shock. I also got my first NYE kiss that night, so all in all, it was a successful evening.

5. Number 5 goes to London. Ive been twice this year with 3 of my favourite people. The first trip was with Hannah and Eric. We went to Harrods and took pictures with Captain America, Selfridges and spent some time in Hyde park where we saw Kate Middleton. It was amazing. The second time was with Emily. We, again went to Harrods (no pictures with superheroes, boo) Selfridges, and took some pictures in the photo booth. I love London. Its one of my favourite ever places and I aspire to live there one day.

Ok, thats all for now folks.
Hope you enjoyed this little post.
Next one is up on Friday I believe.
Kirst x
P.S. Plz enjoy this festive favourite

Monday 15 December 2014

Christmas at ST Pauls


Hi guys.

I dont know about you, but I havnt been this happy in a while.
Im currently sat in bed, listening to Bastille, just finished a cup of tea and I have my cat sitting at the bottom of my bed. Im back in Cardiff till New Years and honestly, I dont think ive been happier to get away from Cheltenham.

Recently, Ive been feeling a bit shit. Not ill shit, but shit within myself. Like, I probably cant do anything right. I mean, its no ones fault barr my own. Its literally just been hell. Take my advice, if someone tells you that the second year is the hardest year of uni, please believe them. All ive done within the past month is film, edit, film edit, write an essay, film, edit again, and to top it all off, im not even done.
I shouldnt be complaining, I know. Its not even the content that driving me insane, its just the amount i've had to do. I was so glad to see the back of Premiere Pro.
However, out of what i've finished im SO happy with it.

This is my promotional video to the act I've been managing for a month or so. Her name is Katie Collins and she has such an insane voice its unreal.
I think the first day that I wasnt grumpy beyond belief and actually happy was Friday, where I spent the whole day with Hannah and Emily doing Christmassy things.
We went to Gloucester first, as the Coca Cola truck was there.

We also looked around the Christmas market for a while. I can imagine Gloucester has never smelt so great. People were selling such christmas food, it was great. All you could smell was bread and pulled pork and hot chocolate and cinnamon.
We then went to Tesco because Han and Em was going to make a gingerbread house but we kind of ran out of time.

From then on, it was prep time, seeing as our house decided to do our little house christmas get together that friday. I sometimes forget how much I enjoy cooking until I get to cook a cooked dinner for my douchebag friends.
The dinner included chicken, roast potatoes/parsnips, sprouts, carrots, peas, brocolli and cauliflower. We then went on to give out secret santa presents. Of course, we're all loud mouths and the only people that didnt know who had them was Emily and Danny. It took me a lot of effort to convince Emily that I didnt have her though.
I, personally feel like I recieved the best gift I might have ever gotten. It was off Hannah. We had already agreed that we weren't getting eachother anything because of money sitch. She got me a framed picture of things to do with me. Ryan helped her sit on photoshop and think of words that reminded her of me.

I also got a present off Emily, which was unexpected. She made me pick out the nail polishes, saying they were from her cousin, then asked me for a website which sells pretty things, she got me a necklace from Earth Jewellery.

 Shes a sneaky, sneaky peach, and I couldnt thank those little fuckers enough. I also recieved a card off Ryan, which made me cry a bit. Stupid boy.

I then proceeded to drink a quater litre bottle of vodka. It was a good night.
Thats all for now,
I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas!
Kirst x

Monday 1 December 2014

5 things to do when you need a break from life.


Hi guys.

As everyone knows, Christmas is coming up.. (AHHHHH!!!)
Which also means deadline days are coming up, which, as a student is terrifying. For first years, this will mean some of your first ever assignments will be due in, and you'll be rushing to finish them because, lets be real? you've spent the last Wednesday and Thursdays getting absolutely trashed and not thinking about your deadline days.
Second years will have done the same, however our assignment grades actually count and that makes us feel slightly nauseous.
I dont know about everyone else, but my first year run-ups to deadlines included:

1. staying in bed, and not wanting to face the world
2. procrastinating like a little bitch
3. getting trashed so I didnt have to think about said deadline day
4. (my favourite) run back to Cardiff.

When getting to this stage, I have decided, rather than do these things i've just gotta find some things to de-stress me. Last year the only thing that actually worked, was going home or getting drunk. This year, those things can't help. The uni have been very helpful and set deadlines spread out over christmas (Please note the sarcasm) It isnt helpful in the slightest. For my course, we have to use specific programmes on computers, like Premiere Pro and Pro Tools, which a lot of us don't have. Meaning we have to use the mac's in uni.
For one of out modules, we have to make a promotional video/music video for an artist we had to manage. This deadline is set for after Christmas, which means we've had to get out work done before going home. This fact has literally stressed me out so much. I have actually finished both videos ive had to edit, however for other people, its just a big rush.

The first thing I've done to de-stress this year, is rugby. Sounds weird, but the internationals for the world cup have been on the past month, and its given me the excuse to just chill out, and scream at the welsh team for being complete donkies. It also helps the fact that the welsh team isnt terrible looking either. I mean, Jamie Roberts, Leigh Halfpenny and Sam Warburton? Absolute corkers. I've had quite the crush on Roberts since I've started watching rugby, so you can imagine my face when I found out he was playing every Tuesday. It probably doesnt help that my mum knows him either. Last summer, my mum called me down into her department, where she was stood with him. I was literally looking like shit, as I had been out the night before. So walking away, I was completely star struck, and didn't stop shaking for at least half an hour.

FMF Image

2. tea
I dont know how anyone can dislike tea. It calms me down a treat, whether im stressed or upset or angry, offer me a cup of tea and my mood will instantly raise. If im stressed because of uni work, I quite like to stop for like, half an hour, make myself a cup of tea and just kind of look over what ive done so far. Its good to just stop and take your mind of work, I find because you can just go back to it and re-read, and you'll realise all the mistakes you've made!

Friends are also a good ploy away from your work. Im not saying to use them as a distraction. Not at all. But like I said in the previous paragraph, you need to get away from your work sometimes. Last year, i'd spend at least 3 out of 7 days drunk with Ellie, Eric, Megan, Emily ect. Just because it was a good way to de-stress, take a break, and let loose.

This year, especially come up with stupid little games/ buy a board game. Ryan, Hannah, Emily and I have come up with this ridiculous game where you have to guess the song title, and artist to receive points, other games include Cards against Humanity, Monopoly or Bullshit (to british people, cheat) Its a lot of fun and might even clear your brain.

Listen to one of your favourite albums or read a book. I really enjoy the both of these things, and both helps me unwind and ive been doing work all day. I quite like coming home and reading a good book, which is currently The Hunger Games. Or listening to one of my favourite albums at that time, currently, Ed Sheeran - + or Taylor Swift - 1989. Dont judge. Or much to peoples suprise, I really enjoy cleaning. It calms me. If figured that everytime my mum facetimes me or rings me, i'll be in the middle of cleaning my room (Around Emily and Hannah, who is usually a fixture in my room)

I really couldn't think of much else to put on here, but I really hope you enjoyed this post.
Kirst x