Tuesday 26 November 2013

Friends from home, fangirls and crazy nights in halls.


Hey hey.

Like I said in my last post, Im going to be writing about my douchebag friends from Cardiff, and some nights in halls that have made me laugh stupid amounts. Im also going to talk about some of the things I tend to fangirl over because I can't talk about my friends at home without talking about said fangirly things.

Going to start with:

Crazy nights in halls.

Seeing as everyone here is starting to run out of their loan, there is never a dull moment here, unless people actually cant be arsed to get out of their rooms.
Hannah and I returned from home on Sunday, and seeing as I have a presentation due in next week which Ellie and I hadnt started, I thought it would be a fantastic idea to sit in the kitchen and bang some stuff out. Of course, seeing as it is a COMMUNAL kitchen Hannah, Ryan and Eric came in to make food, which distracted Ellie and I. After everyone had eaten, Eric decided he wanted to eat something sweet. About a week earlier Ellie and I had made alcoholic jelly which neither of us had eaten, so I suggested he ate that. Note to all: dont let/give bored uni students jelly. Ryan decided he wanted some aswell. This turned into a jelly fight between Ryan and I. Literally everyone got jelly chucked at eachother, and me and Ryan got it down our tops. This also ended up in tears(metaphorical) as I decided to chase Ryan with it seeing as he chucked it at my face. I ended up slipping over and bruising my knee quite badly. My knee has only just gone down from Sunday.
They also broke me that night. Eric and Ryan enjoy doing this thing where they, in turn pull faces while you're not looking they look away when you do. IT IS NOT FUN!! It makes you super paranoid.

In my previous post's I have mentioned about spending a night in 5300's hall eating pizza and drinking? Well basically, this started off as a completely different idea. I had this idea where we all went up, had a few drinks, ordered food and play this American game called Cards against Humanity(Each round, one player asks a question from a Black Card, and everyone else answers with their funniest White Card) and people seemed to be up for it, when we finally went up there, people were doing various things like dungeons and dragons or ironing. Seeing as Hannah and I enjoy floors quite a lot, we sat down, and people just congregated. In the end almost everyone barr Austin and Munya was sitting with us listening to Georgia play guitar.

I probably could mention more, like the time my friend Lowri came up and we got her drunk for the first time ever, but I dont really want to. :)

Friends from home and fangirling. 

Like I said at the top, I cant really mention my friends from home without mentioning my fangirl tendencies because they kind of tie together.
 I first met my 2 best friends going to a gig in Birmingham.
I had heard of them before as we've followed eachother on twitter since like 2009 or some shit like that and i'd spoken to them before. But we met properly going to see The Wanted.
Shannon and Hannah are two of the WEIRDEST people ive ever met in my entire life but I swear to God I could not live without them. They're like my sisters and I miss them so so much its unreal, which is most of the reasons I go home so often. Then there's Jenny. I dont even know what to say about Jenny, she is just as weird as Shannon and Hannah, but at the same time, a lot more normal. She makes me laugh a lot and I love her a lot. Then you've got Amy, who ive only recently met this summer, but seriously, if you dont love her as soon as you meet her, theres something wrong with you. Amy and Jenny are legit like twins, im not even joking, they're so alike, they could be sisters.

Dannii and Lowri are my little fetus friends, however Lowri is a lot more innocent than Dannii in the sense that Danni is an alcoholic and Lowri has only recently got drunk for the first time and that was technically my housemates fault ;-)
I met Lowri through a fetus band called Kingsland who are my babies through and through. We went to Birmingham(again) to see them for the first time, and we BOTH fell in love with them. If you dont know who they are, I suggest you go and watch them on youtube because they are fabulous, especially if you're into the whole pop, boy band type.

Kingsland are also the reason I went home this weekend. On Saturday, it was the first time they have come to Cardiff, so obviously being a fangirl for them, I couldnt miss it. And they delivered. We all got front row and I got so much stage love its unreal.
Seeing as they have exploited my bra chucking throughout all types of media, I thought I would do it again. It landed on Thompson's head :-)
Connor decided to jump of the stage and sing to me, Jay thrusted in my face and Josh, well Josh was just perf with me. We exchanged knowing glances at eachother, then by the time he'd come over to my side of the stage, he kissed my hand and told me I was his fave.
Half way through their set, the compere came onto the stage, and they all had a full blown conversation about my boobs/bra which was awkward, especially because the compere happened to be one of my mums old friends, which I hadnt realized until AFTER he adjusted them so they weren't "wonky"

After that, everything went a bit pair shaped, but not at the same time, the club did a tiny meet and greet sesh, I instantly ran over to josh andgave him a HUGE hug, to which all the boys took the piss because my boobs were going EVERYWHERE, but it didnt bother me because Josh decided to open his shirt and give me a sneak peak of his 6pack, and he also told me he was wondering whether I was going to be there or not. The security were being massive pricks that night, and wouldnt let me into VIP even though some of my friends were, however all the boys did try, which makes me happy. Josh got the time they were leaving in the morning for me though, so we could go see them before they left.

In the morning the boys were SUPER cute. Matt and Thomps came down first and Matt asked if me and Josh were getting married? and Thomps

said I cracked him up because I ran straight to Josh the night before. they proceeded to go outside for a fag and they kept looking at us creepily.
Then Josh and Connor came down and me and Josh had a full blown conversation while everyone else was stood around awkwardly listening to us, he said to Hannah and Danni, "sorry girls, im giving Kirsten preferential treatment, because we have a special connection." They then left after hugs and selfies and then about 5 minutes later Jay came rushing down because he was late, he took quick selfies and hugged us and ran to the van.

I love these boys to death.
Thats all for now, I dont know what i'm going write about in my next post so it'll have to be a suprise bahah.

Kirsten x


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