Sunday 27 December 2015

Happiness can be fun, I guess.


Hi guys.

You know those days where you scroll aimlessly through the internet looking for something to do, or read because you're that bored? Well I was doing that the other day and I came across the best article that inspired me to write this. 
At this present moment, Im going through a bit of shit. My anxiety has come back in full force, Im struggling with motivation to do anything and im finding it quite hard being on my own at the moment which is strange, because i usually hate company. 
Although, i've already written something something like this I thought i'd do it again because the other one is quite old and my tastes and habits have changed quite drastically in the past two years and we long-standing readers of this awful blog will know how much I like to write a good ole list. 
I usually give myself a number that i keep to and its usually ten, im just gonna keep going until I run out of things that make me happy because why not. 

  1. Cathy and my best buds, also known as my mum, Hannah, Emily, Ellie, and Jenny. 
  2. Cats. 
  3. Dancing around my room in my underwear
  4. Putting makeup on
  5. New purfume
  6. Long walks around pitville park (usually quite late at night)
  7. Receiving things in the post that arent bills
  8. Online shopping
  9. Shopping around town
  10. Being paid
  11. A good hug when you need it (Quite a big part of my happiness)
  12. Being drunk and one of my fav songs come on
  13. The smell of fresh washing
  14. Banter
  15. New things 
  16. Food
  17. Sleep
  18. Having girly nights where I do my eyebrows and put a facemask on
  19. Taking my bra off at the end of the day
  20. Having a good cry when things arent going right. 
  21. Facetiming Megan
  22. Making other people smile
  23. Manners (IMPORTANT)
  24. Getting 11 likes on an instagram post
  25. A good cup of tea
  26. That weather thats cold enough to have to wear a coat but not rainy
  27. Popping bubble wrap
  28. Knowing that you havnt got anything to do that requires effort the next day
  29. That person that always makes you happy actually making effort
  30. Crawling into cold sheets
  31. Going on a date that turns out well
  32. Getting the window seat on a train
  33. Finding a pen you love and not losing it straight away
  34. Making someone cry with laughter
  35. Having something to smile about. 
  36. Listening to someone tell a story that makes them happy.
  37. Waking up and realising you dont have to awake for a few more hours
  38. Cats. (repeated and not even sorry)
  39. Websites like Buzzfeed and Tumblr.
  40. Disney songs
  41. Getting a nice text off your family
  42. Having something to look forward to (Amsterdam)
  43. The smell of flavoured coffee
  44. Getting your eyeliner perfect
  45. Being kissed on the forehead.
  46. Being right
  47. Going to a till and finding out something is on sale
  48. Spending time with people that love you
  49. Someone trusting you with something they dont want others to know
  50. Having a "confident" day

Hope you enjoyed that little nugget.
Enjoy your new year!
Kirst x


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