Saturday 26 April 2014

“I don't have pet peeves like some people. I have whole kennels of irritation.” - Whoopi Goldberg


Suuuuup people.

I went home last week for the first time in like a month and it was amazing. Basically, the whole of last week I was feeling run down, and just plain ill. It was quite sad to see really because im hardly ever ill..
So I went home and chilled for 4 days, I saw Hannah and Shannon, sat in the park and took the insults they threw at me.

I also finished Bob's essay, which im so happy about because now I can just focus on my other essays instead of worrying about getting everything done in one mad rush.

I came home on Tuesday and caught up with Emily, which was great because I missed her a lot! Honestly, since we came back, the majority of my time ive spent with Emily in uni, trying to make her do her work.
One night we spent skyping her friend Hannah, which was nice because shes a Kingsland fan.

Megan came home on Thursday, and was in the kitchen when I got back from uni that night. I screamed and hugged her. I may have squashed Eric in the corner behind the door in excitement. She brought me back Macarons from Paris which was lovely of her. Then Laura came back today, and ive missed her a lot aswell! Its nice to have my buddies back, although I cant wait to see Ellie, Hannah and Ryan.

On a more sour note,  ive been feeling a bit pissed with life, and certain things lately for reasons which I dont want to discuss. So, I thought i'd do 10 things that piss me off with life.

1. Selfishness
Ok, I know everyone has their selfish moments, which is totally fine because people need to think of themselves sometimes, but a lot of the time, its unnecessary!
2. Lickasses
Some people to remove their heads from others asses, because it gets so boring to watch.
3. People that dont pay attention.
I have to admit, I am one of these people, and it gets on my own tits, let alone other peoples. But even if people are talking, like at least give them the time of day!
4. People who leave other people out.
Dont be dicks. Theres other things in the world, more important than things that you think about..
5. Self Centred people
There is NOTHING worse than people that dont know how to talk about anything other than themselves.
6. Similarly, vain people
People that think theyre God's gift and deserve everyones attention are massive douches.

I cant think of anything else right now,
but these types of people realllllly grind my gears.
To the point where i want to rip my eyes and ears out.

Thats all for now.
Next week will be more interesting.
Kirsten x


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