Saturday 19 April 2014

Those who dance are considered insane by those who cannot hear the music - George Carlin


Hi there, people of the internet.

So right now, i'm sat in my bed thinking of things I can do because I'm not tired, and i'm feeling a HELL of a lot better than yesterday when I thought I'd had tonsilitus.
So, I thought i'd do a blog post.
However, not much has happened since my last one. Ive been a bit unwell, but thats mainly because ive been super stressed. I came home, and so far, ive seen my mam, my nan and brother, and my lovely lovely best friend, Hannah.
Also, 2/3rds of the way through my biggest essay, achievement of the week!

But anyway, today while I was thinking of things to write in my essay, I made a new spotify playlist for when I was working, it is called "cheese."
Cheesy, old music helps me work, gives me a bit of oomph when im bored and dont want to do anymore work.
Everyone loves a bit of cheesy music, whether its something old that people dont want to admit they love, or something that used to be good, but nobody listens to anymore.
So, thats when I thought, I could do a blog about 15 of my favourite cheesy songs. Bit boring, but whatever!
Might bring back some nostalgia to some of you lovely sods who actually read this shitty blog! :-)!

So, here goes!

1. Blue - One Love

Blue were my first boyband love. I had the majority of their albums, and I swear I was in love with Duncan. Of course, true to form they did a reunion and theyre worse than ever. But their old music was fab! I'm afrad to say I can also probably do atleast 70% of Simon's rap!

2. Westlife - World of our Own

 This song has so many memories attached to it! Its a classic and the memories to it are very good. Im not going to go into them because effort, but! I wasnt a massive westlife lover though, so this is probably the only song from them that will pop up!

3. Alphabeat - Fascination

I know this song probably got on EVERYONES tits when it first came about because it was so overplayed, and that guys dancing is stupidly overexaggerated, and so annoying. But once you hear it after not hearing it for so long you instantly love it again. I completely forgot about Alphabeat till the other day when this song came on in work, and it took all my strength not to burst out singing. Its one of those songs where you just want to dance around in your room singing into a hairbrush thats being used as a microphone!

4. S Club 7 -  Bring it all Back

I used to love this song, and still do. If any of you have seen me in Oceana and S Club comes on, any song will do! I just completely go for it. EVERYONE LOVES S CLUB 7! You cant even deny it! Like back in the day, everyone had their favourite member, and their favourite song! Mine was either Jo or Hannah! Favourite song was either this, or Never Had A Dream Come True! And obviously, seeing as I get very fixated on things, I had to have the DVD/video tape of Seeing Double, which I still have by the way.

5. Natasha Beddingfield - Unwritten

No back story for this song! I just really used to love Natasha Beddingfield! Thought she was an amazing singer, and loved all the songs she released.

6. Ronan Keating - When you say nothing at all

This song will always and only remind me of Notting Hill. Not the place, the film. When Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts go in the park at like 12am, and you can tell that they're starting to fall in love. If you havnt seen that film, then im not apologizing for spoiling the plot because you should have seen it! Its such a beautiful song and definitely one of his best songs!

7. Lily Allen - The Fear

Whenever I sing this around Hannah Williams, she honestly starts reeling off facts about the song and what Lily Allen says in the lyrics. Im pretty sure this was one of my summer anthems the year this was released. Always brings me back to high school days whenever I listen to it.

8. Sugababes - Ugly

This song has a lot of meaning for me. When I was younger, and even now sometimes, I'd listen to this song when I was feeling a bit sad, or a bit shit and it would always make me feel better! I think it was the same with all of Sugababes song's to be honest. I was a bit sad when Mutya left!

9. Shayne Ward - No U Hang Up

Shayne Ward took up the best part of my high school life. I was obsessed with him for like 3 years! Bought all his albums, posters, tour tickets. The lot! Sad I know! I did ask to be a fan girl. But you can see the appeal, he is beautiful.

10. Five - Everybody get up.

A couple of these songs including this one, can only be traced back to Oceana, and I apologize profusely for this. But this song will always remind me of Hannah, Shannon, that bloody disco room and trying to get people to slut drop with us.

11. Backstreet boys - Everybody

This is another one of those damned songs from Osh. Except thats not all. Reminds me of last summer, babysitting Jennys little brother when this came on music channels and her trying to do the dance, which includes the little floor bit.. it was quite funny!

12/13 - Busted - Year 3000, Mcfly - 5 colours in her hair

I put these 2 together because they have now made up the super group "mcbusted" these had to go in there because if you didnt hear me crying with excitement (metaphorical) im going to see them the day after my birthday with Hannah (Cardiff hannah) and my  inner child is crying with excitement!

14. Avril Lavigne - Sk8r boi

If Avril Lavigne wasnt a huge part of your childhood then you were either seriously deprived as a child, or just had NO taste whatsoever. This song is great, and Im pretty sure I can recite the words.

15. Take That - Rule The World

Take That need to be on anyone's cheese list whether its new Take That or old Take That. This band is the only band that was constant while I grew up and, I love them. Seen them twice before and I WILL see them again. This is also my favourite song of theirs.

Thats it.
I hope people enjoyed that trip down memory lane.
Im going to turn this into a tag, and ask Emily, Ashleigh and Hannah to do it!

Thanks for reading!
Kirsten x


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