Friday 2 May 2014

Girl talk.


Hello there, people of the internet.

I thought i'd do a blog on the "girl code"
for people who didnt understand what that was.
There is about 10+ rules that is required to be kept in tact when they are friends.
As a lady, who tries to stick to these rules as much as possible, I expect the respect back.
In only going to put the rules that are most important to me.

1. No hating on other women we do not know.

- This is very important but I do NOT stick to this. If you know me, then you'll know i break this rule quite often, for certain reasons people would know. Sometimes, its just necessary to hate on them. Like, whether its judgement or plain hate, it just needs to happen. It shouldnt, but it does.

2. Figure out you're friendship group's "man rules" before shit happens.

- This is super important to me. I feel like, if a friend who has had a relationship, or been with a guy doesnt want you to get with said guy, you shouldn't! I don't give a flying fuck if you like him or whatever, you don't do it. Its just basic instinct. Like boys you fancy in a club or whatever, if someone "dibs" a guy, then don't break that dibs, that guy is said girls. Its very easy to break this rule, its just as easy to break a friendship because you've broken this rule. If you value your friendship, stick to it.

3. Truth.

Truth within a friendship is honestly so important. If someone wants to know something, then tell this. This doesn't always have to be gossip, it could just be if they ask "does this look ok?" if it doesn't, then tell her!

4. If your friend needs a cock block, then be there.

I have many times when a cock block is VERY necessary. In fact, I have my very own cock block. Emily. If you feel like your friend is going to make a huge mistake, or that your friend doesnt look that interested and the guy is persisting then jump in to save her!

5. Break ups.

If your friend breaks up for gets heart broken, you best have tea, ice cream and tissues at the ready. I would class you as a super bad friend if you didnt.

Ok thats it.
Short one, I know.
But :-)

Kirsten x


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