Sunday 13 April 2014

“Never look back unless you are planning to go that way.” ― Henry David Thoreau


Hi there, people of the internet.

Currently, I am sat in uni trying to do an essay about Warner Brothers, and truth be told id prefer to be asleep, or in the park watching ducks.
Instead, I thought id write a blog about whats happened over the past few days, also Emily did this blog about what makes a best friend, and I thought i'd try and write a bit about tat.

Today is my first day off since Wednesday, and I'm literally thanking God. Although it has been a really good past few days learning about pretty clothes and how to talk to posh people. I actually enjoy it! I finally picked out my uniform and its gorgeous! I picked a pair of jeans, a pair of PVC leggings, a navy, cami type top, with a peter pan collar, and one almost the same but its black with a split down the front. 

Yesterday after work, I decided to get drunk with one of the boys I'm living with next year. It was a good time, although I wish my drinking partners were there as well, because going to the park at 1am just wasn't the same without them, I actually missed walking with Megan talking about how much of a dick Eric is, because he'd fallen off his board. Actually can't wait for them to come back. Hannah also joined in but didn't last for very long , because since she stopped drinking, she doesn't hold her drink for very long. Im proud of her for trying though, especially because she was drinking vodka. 

Since I'm missing my dickhead friends from everywhere.
I thought id tell people what is takes for me to class them as a best friend. 

I know stereotype says that best friends are usually people you've known the longest, but I have honestly found some of the best friends I've ever had within the last year of my life. I met 3 of them through a band, and I honestly love them so so much. They know how to take banter, like I'm not joking, we call each other sluts. Some of the time, we mean it, some of the time, its just something to say. 
E.G. I was talking about a reallllllly hot guy that I said I fancied, a long with other things, and she just straight up said "Kirsten, you're a slut" I just agreed with her because, why not?

Its also very weird how some people just click because they have that ONE thing in common. 
I started talking to Laura properly because we both had read a book called "Divergent" and started fan girling in Web Design over it. I also started talking to Emily over the same band that me and my best friends met through. Then theres those people that, even though you're not sure you have anything in common with, except for a few bits, you still love them unconditionally. Like my flat mates. Half the time I haven't got a jar of glue what they babble about, but you still get involved because thats what friends do, get involved in stuff that your friends are interested.
(Marvel, Jake and Amir, artsy films) And ok, I still have no clue half the time, I know they'll be there to explain if I'm confused. 
Its also the best when you can go from a week to a month without speaking to these certain types of friends and carry on like no time has passed, like you saw them yesterday.

As you can tell, even though Han is here, which is a god send because not on my own anymore, i'd still like my friends back. 

Okay thats it.
I know its a short one, but its only a procrastination post.
Also, if you wondered why the quote was the title..
if a certain person read this blog, they'd understand why.

Kirsten x


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