Tuesday 7 April 2015

A beautiful day begins with a beautiful mindset


Hi, hi,0 hi! 

Its only going to be a short one today.
Since people have left, ive literally done nothing. Ive gone to work placement, gone to actual work, gone to uni and slept. Sometimes I do need that because a exhausted Kirsten isnt a Kirsten people enjoy. But for this moment, I just need interaction. Like, dont get me wrong ive been as sociable as I can be given the circumstances. But from going from living with 6 other people, plus going to lectures and going out nearly every week to doing sod all is so hard, and kind of makes me feel a bit shit. 
For a couple of days, ive seen one of my favourite bloggers, Sprinkle of Glitter doing "10 mini happies" and thought doing this might benefit myself, as i'm finding it hard to stay happy at the moment. I'm thinking I might do this like a couple of times a week (lets see how long this carries on for) 

Im going to do 5, instead of 10. 
Here goes.

  1. In work placement today, the managers dogs came into the office and one of them(A really hairy border collie) came and sat next to me for a good 10 minutes. I havnt had any proper animal interations for a good 3 months so it was lovely. 
  2. I had the BEST shower when I got home, and I now smell of lemonade courtesy of Soap and Glory Sugar Crush. Its such a good smell. I also did a facemask and stuff and now my face feels lovely.
  3. I stopped in tescos on the way home and bought some Jaffa Cake cookies, theyre extremely good. But I did counteract these cookies by only eating 2 apples today and a bottle of water today. 
  4. I turned my tv on just in time to watch "27 dresses" which is one of the best films. It has Katherine Heigl in, who is one of my favourite actresses.
  5. I spoke to my mamma and Cardiff friends today about when I go home next week, which im suuuuuuper excited about. Its going to be a great time. 
Well there you have it.
I might upload another one on Thursday/Friday.
We'll see.
Thats all folks, 
Kirst x


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