Thursday 2 April 2015

Count your life by smiles, not tears - John Lennon.


Hi :-)

I thought I'd do blog on happiness for you.
Why people feel happy, and what makes me happy.
I feel like i've already done a blog on what makes me happy but ah well. 
Deal with it!


 (ˈhæp i nɪs) 

1. the quality or state of being happy.
2. good fortune; pleasure; contentment; joy.

This is the definition on
Yes, I had to google it. You know those days where you just don't have a clue why you're happy? Well thats how I felt this morning. I just couldn't pinpoint it. I didn't particularly have a great sleep. Yesterday wasn't that great either. I mean, I didn't have an AWFUL day, it just wasn't great. I found myself wondering why? Then I thought, maybe my mood is just foreshadowing today. And I can tell you, I have had a pretty good day so far. Well, I haven't come across anything that has pissed me off, or made me that teeniest bit sad. 
Im currently sat in a room, procrastination from doing any type of work, listening to one of the best playlists I've ever put together, drinking my second coffee, and looking at clothes that I can't afford. 
Why this is making me feel slightly more content I don't know? I genuinely can't explain it. 
I was reading this site on defining happiness and apparently it is actually possible, and researchers have actually been trying to prove this. Crazy right? 
They also have a framework for doing this.
They say that:

1) Happiness is made up of pleasure, engagement and meaning
2) It involves daily positive emotions, and a global sense that life is worthwhile
3) People can accurately reply their own levels of happiness

According to another website, happiness is when your life fulfills your needs. Now I've read that, I'm thinking, do we all have the same needs? I mean for me to feel fully happy I know what I would need. Like, have you ever thought about what your perfect day would be? If you could have, or do ANYTHING to ensure your happiness. What would you do?

Kirsten's perfect day:
  • Wake up to breakfast in bed (From anyone, I'm not fussy)
  • Have a bath.
  • Go to the beach (assuming its sunny) 
  • Come home, have cwtches with a kitten or ten. 
  • Go shopping with my mam
  • Have Nandos
  • Go out drinking with my friends.
That day doesn't even seem too elaborate to me. Of course there could be a lot higher maintenance things in there, like maybe go to a foreign country or go and meet my favourite band. But since coming to University, I've realised that simple things like that are my absolute favourite things. 
Im now going to explain the 15 things that would make me excruciatingly happy.

1. Kittens. I am SUCH a cat lady it hurts. If someone wanted to put me in a room full of cats for my 22nd, you'd be my favourite person
2. Bubble baths with my favourite radox smell (Its the sleep easy one)
3. spending time with my family and friends
4. Sleep. This one is actually crucial to me being happy. I need at least 8 hours. 
5. Good make-up/hair days
6. Online shopping
7. Cwtches. 
8. Good lectures. Experience tells me that bad lectures = bad days. 
9. Scrolling through tumblr. This is mine []
10. Finding new bands. Todays new band is called "Cute is what we aim for" and if you like pop punk they will definitely be for you.
11. Inside jokes. "So, these walls ey?"
12. Lists.
13. Male attention. If anyone says any difference, id say they were either crazy or lying.
14. Completing a tv show I've been marathoning for ages (makes me equally as sad)
15. Blog writing.

Thats it, I reckon.
If you have me on Facebook, or follow me on twitter i'd be interested in finding out what things make you happy.
Thanks for reading.
Kirst x


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