Monday 27 April 2015



Hi guys. :-)
I thought i'd do a blog post on what's been happening the past week or so.

  • The last time I uploaded something like this was easter so since then

I went home. It wasnt for very long but it was nice to see my mum and brother nevertheless. I took Hannah and Emily down with me and went out which wasnt the best idea ive ever head. Emily and I went to propaganda the night before, so we were both shattered and Hannah wasn't feeling great. However, the next day we went and got 5 guys which definitely was the best idea ever. We also met a really nice bloke on the night out, who reminded us severely of Ryan. His name was Sam, and was a 31 year old doctor. I mean he also had an absolutely lovely face, but that is besides the point.

  • We went to see Age of Ultron. I wont leave any spoilers here because I'm sure i'll get murdered brutally. Just know that it was freaking great and so worth going to see. It's probably not even necessary to see the first Avengers film, even though you should because that is just as good. It was also a really good day, just to clarify. Hannah, Ryan, Emily and I went to play pool first, and we found out that Ryan was a boss at playing (He can do trick shots and all sorts) I first played a solo game with Emily, which I won. Then we paired up and I went with Ryan. Ryan potted the white and black ball so Hannah and Emily won. We then went to the cinema, minus Ryan but plus one of our props friends, Chris. We sat their for a good hour waiting for the film to come on, only to find out that the cinema screen had broken. We got upgraded to 3D and a free cinema ticket. I mean, I would have been angry but I spent nearly the whole hour laughing so it wasnt too bad.
  • It was the last social of the year on Saturday and Emily and I worked the door. Turns out we arent great to collect money when we're drinking. However, thanks to Hannah and Ryan being there I suppose we did an alright job. It was a sick night anyway. Katie Collins, Maxine Stacey, Ben Cipolla and Spice and the Readies played and as per usual they all had sick sets despite the fact that half of them were ill. We then went to 2 Pigs and actually socialized which was weird. I mean, it got MASSIVELY packed and we ended up staying in the smoking area. We also had to walk home a very drunk fresher. He made me give him a piggy back then fell off me. 

  • We got one of our assignments out of the way. I only put it in that way because it went awful. I wish we could actually say that we didnt have enough material but I would be lying. It was a twenty minute presentation, and while I was half way through my section our lecturer told us we had 3 minutes left. I was mortified. However, after it finished Ellie, Emily and I went and had shots and pints in the SU and stumbled home half cut. 
  • Ive spent a couple of afternoons in the park. It sounds so simple, but Pitville Park makes me far too happy. Its such a pretty park, and it has ducks and things. Its just a really nice park to walk around. So if any of you get the chance to take me, do it. You'll have an extremely happy Kirsten on your hands. 

I havnt really done much else but go out drinking, go to work placement and go to uni. I realised while looking through my recent posts that I havnt done my 5 little happies for a while so I thought I'd include them in this post aswell. I apologise in advance:

  1. Carly Rae Jepsen has just released a new song. I know what you're all thinking or internally shouting at me.. "Kirsten, get some music taste!!!" However, if you have seen the music video for said song, you'll understand whole-heartedly. It involves Tom Hanks. Hes not my favourite actor, but he makes the whole video actually really good. I hate that im saying this, but its also a really catchy song. Like, the lyrics are so simple but I just really enjoy dancing around to it when im doing my make-up                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
  2. Tumblr. Mostly the Chris Hemsworth tag. Im not sure this really needs an explanation. I just really enjoy looking at his face at the moment. Especially when hes playing Thor.
  3. Once Upon a Time. If any of you watch this, you'll understand the feels. For whoever doesnt, get onto it. Theyre going through a Villains phase at the moment, so they're explaining the back stories of Maleficent, Cruella De Ville and Ursella. 
  4. I have recently purchased a beautiful pair of Topshop sunglasses and I absolutely love them. Theyre a bit too big for my face, but I genuinely give no shits. Theyre navy and beautiful.
  5. Hazelnut Machiatos from Starbucks. 
Thats it, I reckon. 
Hope you enjoyed this post. 
Kirst x

P.S: The reason for the title is that currently, im drowning in a mountain of uni work so I thought it was relevant. It probably isnt but who cares.


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