Sunday 28 December 2014

New year, new me or something like that bullshit.


Hello there :)

I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas! I definitely did.
Unfortunately, Im back in Cheltenham, because im apparently allergic to my cat. I did have a great time in Cardiff, including a few great nights out.

The first one was on the first Wednesday back in Cardiff. It was super great to see Hannah and Kelly. I also got to see some of the boys as the night out was for one of their birthdays. I havnt seen them in like a year so it was really nice. I then met up with Ellie and her friend and proceeded toget very very drunk in a skankhole called metros.
The next was on the Monday with Jenny and it was so great. Of course we ended up bumping into the boys again and honestly, it was such a great night. I cockblocked Gethin and he got super annoyed so I ended up trying to hook him up with someone.

Reminder to anyone:
Im not a great wingwoman.

The last was on Boxing Day with my little bitches, Jenny, Shannon, Hannah and Kelly. This, I feel was the best night out ive had in such a long time. I was very, very drunk and met a couple of boys, which, im not going to lie, was the HOTTEST boys that i've ever seen. I also did fall over. Which is such a godsend, seeing as I cant get drunk without falling over.

The reason for this blog post was to write down my new years resolutions. I know it seems really generic but I felt like I should write them on here, I havnt got many. But they probably should be followed this year.

Be more happy.
This one probably gets said a lot, but for me this one probably is the most important. Last semester, I think I spent half of the time really angry, hungover or drunk. The last 2 I can deal with, the former, not so much. Obviously there were some points where I was happy, but I probably could count on one hand the few times I was REALLY  happy. Which is why my aim first 2015 is to get more happy. Whether thats to make myself happy or not.

2. Stop being such a mug.
This sounds so weird, but the people that know me will probably know that I let people I care about walk all over me. Which is probably the reason why ive been unhappy. There comes a like that people have, and A LOT of people cross that line and sometimes I feel my line gets taken advantage off.

3. Get more organized.
I am the least organized person you would ever meet. I might get things done quicker if my life was more organized.

4. Stop being so uptight.
This is one of my worst personality traits ever. I get super uptight about things that shouldnt really bother me, and I cant imagine how much it bugs people if it bugs me this much.

5. Stop being so harsh on myself.
This is a weird one. But sometimes, I think that I might get my arse into gear if I judge myself. But some of the time, it doesnt help in the slightest. In fact, it makes me feel worse. Ive been telling one of my buddies who also does this lately that it isnt a good thing, I just need to start listening to myself,

I reckon thats all for now.
Have a great new year,
Thanks for reading the past year, I cant tell you how much it means to me.
Kirst x


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