Sunday 14 September 2014

Guess whos back?


Hi guys,

Well, not quite. I start lectures back on the 22nd, however i've moved back to Cheltenham, and its so nice to be back with my buddies. I've missed them quite a bit.
As soon as I opened the door, all I heard was KIRSTEN.
I walked up the stairs with whatever I was carrying, and was about to run and just on Hannah, when a wild Ryan appeared. So obviously I gave him a quick hug then ran to Hannah.

It honestly was horrible leaving my mam and baby cat (Belle) though. Im going to miss them quite a lot.
The way I explained it to Em, was that Ive already had a year at university, so why should I be going back for another year? It seems really weird, and not at all right.

So after id moved all my stuff in and gone food shopping with mammy, Hannah, Ryan and I went to Papparitos. It was amazing. Honestly, I had what I always have. Never actually change my order. We drove passed Paps last week, when me and my mum dropped a bit of my stuff off earlier last week, and I rememebered how great it was. We also went to Primark to grab some hangers and a difuser. I bought the coconut and vanilla cream one because I know Hann had had it last year, and it smelt amazing.
No such luck, you cant even smell the bugger.
Hannah then went to work and Ryan and I sat in my room and just caught up on what we'd both missed over summer.

Yesterday, we went to the best cake shop ever.
After obviously using the new shower. Its weirdddddd!!
I turned one knob, and it didnt do anything,
turned the other one and it came on, but freezing cold. So I just assumed that the first knob was temperature (I was right) and turned that up all the way.
I thought it was a perfect temp, but obviously not seeing and a bit later, Ryan went in and it near enough scolded his head.

Then Hannah, him and me went to Patisserie Valerie, and I had a lemon cheesecake which I was super disappointed with..

Not because it wasnt delicious, because it was.. It just wasnt very lemony, like, I paid £5 for it.. least it could be is a bit more lemony.

We then went to waitrose, which was a new experience for Hann and Ry as they informed me while we were in there.I love Waitrose, its super expensive for what they sell, but they do sell exclusive things like what we went in there for.

Theres a company called Pots & Co, who make little desserts in ceramic pots and theyre so yummy. I first heard about them in a vlog from Zoella, who had bought a load of them in her videos, and she said they were really good. So I was curious and knew Cheltenham had a Waitrose, so I dragged them down to see if they sold them.
They did.
Ryan and me ended up buying one each.
Ry got a sticky toffee pudding, which came in a pink ceramic pot, and I bought a salted caramel and chocolate mousse type thing which came in a blue ceramic pot. It was yum.

Honestly, for the rest of the day we just spent chilling and talking about random shit. Han and me went to pick Emily up in her cute little car. We also took a trip to Homebase to look for Venus Fly Traps. but not any old Venus fly traps. One called a mimosa thing, according to google. It doesnt actually close its mouth thing, if you stroke its leaves, it goes to sleep.. which is a little less creepy.

I also had a trial shift at V club yesterday, which I think went well, although I broke the ice box with my boobs, which was embarresing as shit.

Thats all for now,
I'll update as the week goes on.
Kirst x


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