Thursday 25 September 2014

Staying sober


Hi guys,

After a very messy night full of things I probably shouldnt have done, and hating myself for them. My housemates and I have decided to do Stay Sober for October.

Although this does have ulterior motives, like alcohol not giving me unneeded courage to do things that I will and do regret the morning after. The others and I have probably had people that have passed away or suffered from cancer, so raising money for not drinking seems like a good idea.

Im not sure if the others have had people if their life that have had cancer, but personally, someone very close to me has died from it and it has affected my family's life in more ways than one. Throughout my adult life, ive only ever given the odd couple of pence to people with charity buckets or did the selfie thing. So this is a big thing for me.

In my next blog post, im going to explain how cancer has affected my housemates and my life. But for now, im going to leave you with the link where you can donate however much you wish

Go Sober

Thats it for now.
Over October, im going to try and upload atleast 3 times a week aswell.
Kirst x

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