Wednesday 14 May 2014

10 days


Hi there, people of the internet.

This blog is about the passed week and the next week.

This blog isnt really going to be about the passed week, just the stuff that was interesting
I got a few marks back from assignments that I handed in, and I cant decide whether im happy about them.
I got a 2.1 in the video that we made about flappy bird.

which im preeeeetty buzzing about.
The rest im not sure about.

Last night, we had the GENIUS idea to play hide and seek within 4100 and 5300. It was hilarious up until some cocks decided to lock the doors in between.
We then got our make up done by Eric and Ryan, then Hannah and I done Ryan and Eric's, much to Erics dismay. Ryan, however didnt mind having it done.

I will be 21, which is a naaaaaassssty thought.
I dont know whether to be excited or upset.
More upset seeing as my mumma is coming up to move the majority of my stuff back to Cardiff seeing as my semester is over for the summer. But more to the point, the Americans are leaving 2 days after.

Its going to be so hard, especially as I wont be here for it.
I think theyre all planning on doing an all-nighter. Im going to miss them all so much.
Hannah also put a horrible thought in my head as we walked to Wickes to pick up pipes for their film.

After June the 6th, theyre all going to be moving out, slowly one by one. And I wont see the majority of them till September.
2 days later, Hannah and I realised we are basically each others mothers and I dont know how im going to go 2 months without having her stopping me doing silly things, or vise versa. Im going to miss her quite a lot.

Eric and Ryan is also going to be hard, especially Eric because we're not living with him next year. Its going to be weird not being able to wake him up at stupid o' clock in the morning and him walking out with his hair like super messy and him like half asleep.

Now onto said Americans.

Theyre leaving on the 24th, and because im going to see McBusted on the 23rd, I wont get to see them leave, which honestly breaks my heart. Theyre like, the most lovely people ever, and I cant imagine having to go next semester without them.

Ok, I reckon thats enough being nice now.
Kirsten x

Hi Kirstens Blog Love Hannah xxx


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