Sunday 30 March 2014

Yours is the light by which my spirit's born: - you are my sun, my moon, and all my stars - E.E Cummings


Hi there, people of the internet!

I thought id do a blog post on stuff thats happened over the past few days!
Im going to start with monday!

On monday, we went to Moo's for Sean's birthday and we had a BLAST!
It was great! Me and Megan drank vodka and cider, (not together obviously) for pre drinks, we played ring of fire, this acdc drinking game, called thunderbolt, and this game called sausages.
ACDC game: You start playing the song, and people take it in turns drinking,  the person keeps drinking until the next time the song says thunder.
Sausages: You ask a person questions, and they have to reply with sausages, no matter the question. If the person laughs, theyre out.

We then headed to moo's. At this point, we had lost everyone so it was Emily, Ellie, Megan, Hannah, Ryan and Me. We all pretty much ran to the club, no idea why. We all  got very, very drunk and made friends with people. After leaving the club because we had lost everyone, Eric, Megan and I parted from Ellie and Emily and went on a really shitty tour of Cheltenham.
Lessons from this tour:
Dont take a hipflask full of straight vodka out with you
Dont accept piggybacks from Eric. To be fair, I was told it was my fault, I didnt grab hold of him, so I went flat on my back. The only thing I was worried about was my hair though.
After the piggyback failure, we all went stumbling home and made chips, which were THE BEST THINGS EVER! Eric also did this really fabulous magic trick, which his dad showed him.
I dont think id have been that impressed if I was sober, but if you know him and you get drunk around him, ask him to do it! It will blow your mind!
The next day was PAAAAAINFUL! We all had hangovers from hell, and to make things worse, we had to edit our viral video and when you dont listen in lectures, it can make things a lot worse.
I started editing with a headache, stared at a mac for 3 hours, and had a worse headache. It was hell.
However, we did get it finished! I'll upload it onto here if I can!

Friday was one of the best days ive had in uni thus far, I think.
I MADE A ROAST! With a little help from Hannah!
It was the best meal ive had in uni, and im so so proud!
Probably couldnt have done it without instruction from Hannah's mam either!
Later on that evening Ellie, Ashley, Daniel and Ashley's friends from America came down and we got drunk again, I literally dont think ive been that drunk, just drinking in the flat. We played chandelier, ring of fire, and beer pong.
We got drunk off watermelon vodka which was amazing! The photo to the left is like my favourite photo ever, with the best people ever, just FYI.
Saturday, we went to the park because it was really sunny, and people need fresh air when they have a hangover. We went and looked at the bunnies and chickens. It was the best.
We also went to the park today, but Emily made me sad by talking about my favourite band so im not really going to go into detail on that.

Thats all that's really happened this week, except its mothers day today, and mother, I love you a lot.You're my best friend and an amazing mother, and I wouldnt be who I am without you.

Ok, Thats all for now.
Kirsten x


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