Thursday 20 March 2014

Why do I do the things emily tags me in?


Hi there, people of the internet.

So, earlier today emily ( 
Tagged me in a post whereas you have to pick 5 people you would want at a dinner party of yours. Fuck you em,

So, like Emily, I have been pondering over whether I want to use people I know, or famous people. I decided to use famous people because it's more interesting and I know who I would pick. 

For my first guest, I would pick

Alex Gaskarth. From his twitter, I reckon he would be laugh. Like, he wouldn't give a shit what people thought of him. He's also gorgeous so I could perv over him😊

My next guest would be 

JLAW. Just literally because she's fucking awesome.
My next guest would be

Jay Mcguiness because he's my favourite person ever, and I would give anything to be in the same room as him at the moment.
Next up,

Zoe Sugg. If people don't know who she is, she's like the biggest female British youtuber at the moment. She has been called an inspiration to young girls ever and she's actually my fave. She's pretty fabulous and hilarious.
Lastly, I would have someone like super obvious. 

Obama. I don't think I need an explanation why I would have Obama at my house.

I don't actually know what I would cook. I'd have to go full on come dine with me, and make like bruschetta, and like, nibble shit for starters. Curry for mains, and trifle for dessert.

That's it.

On a SUPER sad note, Austin and Jazmin left today, and I swear to god I Havnt felt this sad in a while.
If you read this guys, it was such a pleasure knowing you, and if you don't come back and see us then I will come to America and kill you.


Love you guys :-(

That's all for now.
Thanks for reading. 
Hannah and Megan, it's your turn
Kirsten x


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