Friday 22 November 2013

University course and Americans.



I know I only did one yesterday but seeing as im going home this weekend again(yay!) I though i'd update today.

In yesterdays post I spoke about the people I lived with that were British and going to be living with for nearly the whole year. Today I'm going to write about my course, the people I speak to on my course, and some of the Americans that are here on this placement thing called BCA, which lets people study abroad.


Around 30 Americans moved into Regency a couple of days before we did but got to go to Cornwall while we were moving in, so we had the pleasure of meeting them the first Monday we were here.
Hannah, Eric, Catherine and I live with 3 guys called Chris, Nick and Ben.

After about an hour of meeting these 3, two girls came bursting into our kitchen called Kaitlyn and Hope and are super lovely and really easy-going. They tend to come out with us sometimes if we go out on a wednesday. They also came out with us on Halloween along with two guys they live with called Tanner and Sam who also live with them. We met Tanner and Sam while pre-drinking with Hope and Kaitlyn a completely seperate time. They're both stupidly cool and really nice.

Along with these four, we also met Jazmin and Austin, who are the CUTEST couple ever. I met Austin first because he's in my management class. Austin is hilarious, like super fun to be around and really easy to have a good chat and banter with. Jazmin, I met just after, but just like Austin, is completely awesome and has the best banter ever. Like, you could just be sitting their and be in fits of laughter because of what they say to eachother. It goes something like this.. "I really like ____, its so much better than ____" "Shut up man, you're stupid."  They also know the most hilarious drinking games including slap cup and chandelier.

Slap cup = you down a drink with a partner, and the first to finish gets to slap the other person's cup out of their hand. (this gets very messy)
Chandelier = every person playing has a cup in the middle surrounding another cup, which everyone pours a bit of their drink into(shit mix) and you have to bounce a ping pong ball, and aim for the shit mix. If you get the ball into another persons drink, you both have to drink. As soon as you're finished you have to flip the cup over, if you do this last, you're out of the game. If the ball lands in the shit mix, everyone has to drink, and the last person to flip their cup has to drink the shit mix. (very good to get drunk)

Austin and Jazmin have a vlog channel called "The Wanderlusters" to tell people how their trip abroad is going . I recommend people go and watch these videos because they are great and im still trying to get them to let me be in one.

There is also Daniel and Ashley who live on the same floor as Austin and Jazmin, and they are also really, really lovely. They are into very geeky(cool) things such as Dungeons and Dragons, cats, and marvel, as far as I know, which automatically makes them awesome(especially the cats thing)

Nearly all the Americans are going home in December barr 4 which makes me sad because I reckon I'll miss them, especially Hope and Kaitlyn. However, i'm slightly more happy because we get Austin, Jazmin, Ashley and Daniel until April.


For the duration of the next 3 years I will be studying Music and Media management.
Even though this wasn't my original choice(original choice = film studies) I think I'm going to enjoy it. At the moment, I'm enjoying 2/4 modules. These are "Mapping out the music industry" and "The Film Industry Business Structure" the other 2 (Web design and management) bore the shit out of me. Luckily we can choose our own modules next year!
The good thing about my course is that i'm on it with a bunch of awesome people. I don't really talk to a few of the people that much but the ones I do speak to I absolutely adore.

Laura and Emily live over at Park campus and I don't think I would be able to do my course without them there. They legit make the course. I'd spoken to Emily before we even started uni when she popped up in my interactions on twitter telling me we were on the same course and tagged Laura in the tweet so I knew those two were definitely going to be there. It does make things easier knowing that both of them are into most of the same things as me(boybands, reading and such.) Theyre both going to be living with Hannah, Ryan, Eric and I which is a massive bonus aswell. SUPER EXCITED!

Next up is Liam. Liam also lives in regency, so tends to pre-drink with us if he goes out, and if we are out, he is NEVER sober and it is hilarious. I'm pretty sure the last time we went out together, he was in our flat at 4am with Hannah and Catherine and let them paint his nails black, then cleaned it off with our dish scourer. Apart from being super drunk and hilarious, hes also a really nice kid and so easy to get along with.

There is also Ellie, Catherine and another girl called Charlotte who I talk to pretty much most of the time.

A lot of the time, if I see people from my course out and about, there are some pretty weird conversations thrown about, and some very odd photos.

I think that's quite enough for this post. In my next post I'll be talking about my friends at home and crazy nights in with people in my flat.

Kirsten x


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