Thursday 21 November 2013

1st post


Hi there.

So, I've been in university for over 2 months now and so far I'm a bit iffy about it.
For the first month or so, I was completely fine. I met my flatmates who includes Hannah, who is one of the most fabulous people I have ever met because simply, she is me. She goes from geeky to cool to hostile in a matter of seconds, and its very hard to keep up with what mood shes in but shes also very hard not to love. I class her as my "uni best friend" because I know that I can go to her if im sad, or if I have a problem, and vise versa.
Next, theres Eric. He was the second flatmate I met and also the quietest. I think on the first night drunk I told him he was too quiet and that I wanted to mother him because he looked/was so young, which is slightly worrying. Anyway, despite me being weird to him drunk, he is one of the nicest people ever. Like I dont think you could ever hate him. He does have his dickish moments but the flat never fails to point it out to him and he cuts it out sharpish. He is also, like Hannah, a very geeky person, and he is called the "human hoover" because he eats everything.

Last of all is Catherine. She walked in on me struggling to put my food on my shelves when we all moved in. How to describe Catherine? Fed with a silver spoon is one way we like to joke about it. She has a slight obsession with Zac Efron, Aaron Johnson  and Bradley Cooper, and never fails to tell us about them any chance she gets. Her fashion sense is off the charts and the amount of clothes she has is phenomenal.

On the first day we kind of integrated with the flat above us which consists of Ellie, who is a fellow CDIFF gyal who is also on the same course. Ryan, who was introduced as "wedding boy" because he was at a wedding the first weekend of freshers. Munya, who literally makes my life with just his laugh. Stephen, a purple haired, friendly lad, and Georgia, a lass with ears of steel after listening to the music she does.

Seeing as Ryan and Hannah are officially going out, you might as well class him as one of our flatmates because he spends 95% of his time down here.

Ryan or "wedding boy" is one of the most laddish yet un-laddish boys you will ever meet. He enjoys football and house music. Yet i've been told he reads and plays piano. He, along with Eric, is one of the loveliest kids you will ever meet. He is absolutely hilarious and so considerate it makes you want to cry.  He also knows how to keep you included with the group, like if you're just sat in the corner quietly, he'll ask you if you're ok, or something along those lines. He's just an all-round good egg.

Next is Ellie, who is my absolute FAVE. She's so so fun to be around, and totally gets you. Ellie is super quiet when you first meet her but once you get to know her doesnt shut up. She is also a very considerate person and to be honest, shes SO laid back she might as well be lying down constantly. Like, I swear if you said you wanted to walk across hot coal and asked her to do it with you, she'd say yes.

We've all had a fair few nights out so far and they've all been pretty eventful. Like we've been out one night where Hannah and I were so drunk that we sat outside Jack Wills, and refused to get up. Eric then had to coax one of us up, go to get the other one up, then the one already stood up, would sit back down again.
We've also spent the night sat in 5300's flat corridor(Ryan and Ellies flat) eating Pizza and drinking.

I've also been here for Halloween, which I didn't actually make it in the club for. Not because I was so drunk, but because I needed the toilet and couldn't be arsed to wait another hour in the queue.
However the pre-drinks were quite amusing.

Included in these photos would be Austin, Jazmin and Liam who i'll talk about in my next post, then Hannah, Georgia and Hannahs friend Becky, who came down for halloween.

All the people above have made my uni experience a hell of a lot better but still, its super hard. Like I didn't realise moving away from uni would make me miss my family, friends and cat as much as I do. It's literally one of the scariest things I've had to do in my entire life, but its also been an experience I wouldn't take back I don't think. I've met so many great people over the past two months but also some not great people along with it.
It's also been stupid hard dealing with money and trying to find a job. Before I came to Cheltenham I was used to getting a regular income because of a part-time job I maintained for 4 years, but now the only thing ive had is little promotion jobs ive had for the clubs around the town centre, which isnt really enough to feed me for a month, so ive kind of had to rely on my mum a bit, which isnt great.
So fingers crossed I get one soon!!!

Thats all for now.
Im going to try and undate this as much as possible
Kirsten x


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