Monday 9 March 2015

Never the perfect human


Hi  guys,

I thought I would do a blog post on something that I have felt a lot to me recently.

Recently, and by recently I mean since the beginning of this semester i've done a lot of things that I probably shouldn't have done. Drunk texts and phone calls, arguments over guys which have been completely pointless, getting so drunk that I black out, bitching at my friends for no reason ect.

There is no such thing as a perfect person and although I have this theory where people should never regret their actions because it shapes them as a person, I have found that I've started doing this. 
My actions recently have got me thinking about myself as a person. That seems really deep and possibly a bit stupid in some peoples eyes. I can see why, I mean, drunk texting and those arguments are a part of life, a milestone maybe? People have to go through them to learn NOT to do them. But at 21, you'd think that my tiny little brain would have grown out of them. Apparently not.

Whilst thinking about writing this post, I had so much to write. Mostly about making myself look like a tit, and stopping drinking. In hindsight, I feel like setting myself the task of not drinking anymore is silly. Its probably doable, but I am a student and missing nights out because Ive decided to not drink is ridiculous. 

So this blog post is basically telling readers and myself that Im planning on doing 2 things over the next two months, 

1. Cutting down my alcohol intake. Maybe if I limit myself to 2 nights out a month, i'll stop getting myself into such states where I have to drunk text in the morning to explain myself from the drunk phonecalls I made in the night. Also, it'll cut down the ammunition my friends have against me because the teasing STILL hasnt stopped from Thursday night. 

2. Stop getting so angry at my friends so often. Ive realised that maybe I take my anger out on certain members of my friendship group. A lot of the time, I dont realise I'm doing but I am and sometimes I dont realise the impact it can have them. Being angry doesnt really help myself either. I dont like spending time with ANYONE while im in that mood, therefore I'm missing out myself which isnt fun. 

I hope youve enjoyed this little post. 
Im going to stick a video at the bottom of this post.
Its a song that I've been rinsing lately. I love it.
Kirst x


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