Tuesday 3 March 2015

Thanks for the memories


Hi guys.

Its been a while since I wrote my last blog post so I thought I would write about something thats been on my mind for at least a month.
Something that has been on all of my friends mind's.
I finish my second semester in 2 months
I move out of my house in just under 3 months.

Its so weird, knowing that ive been in university for a year and a half now. I can honestly remember every day that I got a university offer, I remember the day, clear as light, that I got into the University.of Gloucestershire. I even remember the day that Hannah Williams popped on facebook to tell me that we would be living in halls together.
The reason I've been thinking about this is because my personal tutor told me a few weeks ago that I have less time left in university than ive been there.
I cant say im pleased about that idea. I feel like I havnt had long enough to take in every thing that has happened these past 2 years. It feels like I havnt had enough to take in, when in reality so much has gone on and I dont think I would take anything ive done, or that has happened back. No regrets whatsoever.

Of course there are things that I shouldnt have done or maybe things that shouldnt have happened, but lets be real, everything that has happened has shaped what's going on right now into this perfect little experience.
All the arguments, all the tears, and the laughter have helped me get to know some of the most amazing, beautiful people.
I would never have been able to sit down in front of Jack Wills absolutely trashed with Hannah and have Eric force us both to stand up. I would have never have had sober/drunk walks to the park and 1am with Megan and Eric. I wouldn't have been pushed into a wall by Emily because she was trying to get to a guy before me and I wouldn't have been able to feel so comfortable with a guy so much to let him do my make up (Ryan is actually decent at doing make up).

To some people, they sound like the most weird things to happen, but they're the type of memories that, when we're all sat at the kitchen table we laugh uncontrollably at. They're the type of memories that in 20 or so years, I would hope to tell my own children about because they're off to university themselves.

If I was going to tell anyone any type of advice about university, I would tell them not to take anything for granted. Enjoy the little things, like learning to cook for yourself rather than just eating beans on toast or pasta every day. Go for walks around the city your living in because honestly, you see some beautiful things that aren't obvious, make sure you actually experience night life, because I dont think I would have met half the people I know if I didnt go out as much as I do.

Thats all for now I think,
Hope you enjoyed this little post,
Kirst x


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