Tuesday 28 October 2014

Things that make me, me


Hi guys,

I read a blog from my wonderful friend Emily, and Im stealing her idea. You can find said blog, here

Here goes:

Im most commonly known as the big boobed friend. Honest to God, like someone on my course came up to me last time we were out and told me that she met someone I knew, however he described me as the short, big boobed girl. I've come to terms with the fact that I will forever be associated with boobs.

I sing quite often, even though I cant sing for shit. Its one of my favourite things and I cant remember the last time I went a whole day without singing. My housemates HATE it. Pretty sure ive ruined about 5 songs for them since ive moved in because I sing the same things constantly. I actually ruined Rude - Magic for everyone, now they get super pissy with me now.

I really like a drink, every now and again. I reckon ive drunk atleast every week since moving in. Maybe even twice a week. Drink of choice: double vodka, lemonade and lime. Try it.

I live for make up, and hair products, and skin products, and all things girly. Right now, i would give my right arm for some high brand foundation and another naked pallette. So if anyones feeling generous, you know where to send them!

My friends are usually the only thing that will keep me going a lot of the time (You can tell that I think a lot of them from reading this blog) but I probably wouldnt be anything with out them and my mumma.

Thats majority of it.
I might do a longer one over the weekend.
Have a fantastic halloween,
Kirst x


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