Monday 20 October 2014

10 things to make your life a little bit easier in university.


Hi guys.

I thought thus post was a little bit overdue seeing as im now in second year.
I thought i'd do a list of things that might make uni life a bit easier if you're struggling.
God only knows that I struggled through first year. I'm not going to lie, im struggling a lot this year aswell, and there are definitely things that make me feel better, even if its only a little bit.

1. a strong friend group.

I honestly dont think I would have stayed in uni last year if I didnt have the friends that I gained. Especially Hannah. Everytime I mentioned dropping out, the only thing she would say is "No you arent." I wasnt allowed any other say in the matter. She also always knows what to say to me if im struggling, which is why a solid, best friend is a necessity. But, i'd also say you need a strong friend group. Ryan, Megan, Emily, Eric and Ellie also helped cheer me up if I was down, even if they didnt know I was upset. Its exactly the same this year. 

2. Your family.

Whether you've moved away from your family or stayed in the same house, I find that if im struggling, half an hour on the phone to my mam will always make me feel better. Again, like Hannah, she always knows what to say. She was my rock last year, and will always be there.

3. Photos.

I know it sounds absolutely absurd, but I dont feel like I ca be comfortable in a place that I have to stay for a specific amount of time. So, in halls the first year, and in my house this year, I have photos pinned up of my friends and me, and my family. Majority of them are piss take photos because if im upset, I can look at them and just laugh at memories.

4. A good cup of tea.

Im very sorry if you, as a reader does not enjoy tea. However, its my "go-to" thing for comfort. If one of my housemates is upset, my first thing to try is a good cup of tea. Its the best thing to cheer people up, and I know it definitely helps me.

5. A good box of tissues.

I understand that we are students, and that we should be scrimping all the money we can for nights out, and maybe food. However, a box of tissues is necessary. Whether it be because you are ill, or you just need a good cry. Just buy them and trust me ok?

6. Alcohol.

Come on, You knew this would have been a pointer in this list.. Alcohol, I feel, helps bond people. Like, imagine if, as freshers, you didnt go out and get wrecked with your housemates. I think it would have been forever awkward. Within the first 2 weeks, Eric was trying to coax Hannah and I off the floor outside Jack Wills because we didnt want to get up. That is one of Eric's "stories" to explain why drunks are such a nightmare.

7. A spotify playlist.

Always come prepared with a playlist and an extensive knowledge of music. My flat was so ridiculously varied, and I now know lyrics to songs I never thought I would. E.G - Fall Out Boy, Cheers Hann!

8. A lot of pillows and an extra blanket/throw/a onesie

University will get extra cold. Its honestly advisable to make sure you have an extra blanket, because the heating in Halls was shocking. Comfort, is also a necessity for when in extremely drunk/hungover/ill/upset.  I love to cocoon myself in a load of cosy things.

9. A notebook/journal

I dont know about anyone else, but I find I tend to bottle things up quite a lot. To the point where, sometimes, I tend to get overly angry. Recently, I have started to write things down. Honestly, It has made me feel so much better. Like, just after ive written it, I get SUPER angry. But in the morning, I just feel a lot clearer about things. It might not be everyones cup of tea. But if you're like me, then just try it.

10. An open mind

This is the top priority for uni. You're going to meet a LOT of different people and although you may not be used to people like them because of your friendship group at home, or the previous year. But sometimes they may just suprise you. I have met so many great people since coming to uni and I honestly feel like ive grown as a person because of them.

Thanks for reading this blog, I know its a bit different from my usual ones.
Kirst x


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