Thursday 27 February 2014

"Do you want to build a snow man?" Or play a game of football.



So I've had the most fun week ever so I thought I'd do a blog about it.
Monday day I actually went to my lectures which I never do.
Bob told Ellie and I that he missed us then spoke about Law, which was effort 
But we found out that we didn't have to do a presentation that was due, which was amazing because I had only did my research the night before.
However, Ellie, Emily, Laura, Charlotte and I had to do a debate on the BBC wasting money and although it felt like Ellie and Emily kicked our asses, we drew.
On Tuesday, we learnt about green screen and on Wednesday we learnt how to blend noises out of tracks, and it was interesting as fuck. I think I finished first and all I did was mess around with the mixing board on the mac.

However, what made the week fun is that we actually ventured out of the flat. On Tuesday after lectures, Megan, Eric, Hannah, Eric, and I went to pittville park to play football and climb trees because Megan needed to take pictures. It was super fun and we all got ridiculously muddy.

Tuesday night, we watched Juno but half way through I went to skype my friend but the majority of the time I listened to him screaming on FIFA. 
Wednesday night, there was a film festival on, but Megan and I weren't feeling going but everyone else was going, so I invited Ellie and Emily down and we watched an episode of Saved by the Bell, and messed around on Facebook. Then everyone came back and we just pissed about and took snap chats and what not. 

Then today, I legit have just chilled.
Emily came over and we ordered pizza and Ellie and Megan joined us and we watched the 1d film
Then we went to the park again and we all got super muddy again and it was really fun!

That's all for now. 
Kirsten x


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