Sunday 9 February 2014

I am not welsh anymore.



Not much had really happened since I last put a post up but I thought I'd try.
It was recently Hannah's birthday, and she is no longer a teen, yayyyyy!
We all went out for nandos for her birthday and Ryan made sure it was a surprise. 
She received a new pair of converse off Ryan and Eric. Ryan got her a load of soap and glory
Stuff and Eric got her this cute little moustache cup. Megan got her a Starbucks travel mug, and she got a couple of cards off everyone. Her birthday card finally came in the mail, and I think she liked it, it was kind of an ongoing joke, about her being an elf.

Next up is Eric's birthday, and I'm hoping he'll be nicely surprised about what we've got planned. 
I've finally got my cast off, and I honestly am so happy. It felt so weird about my hand bring free! 
We also finally got our house sorted. Everyone's deposits have been paid, and honestly, it's such a relief. People I'm living with are: Hannah, Ryan, Ellie, Emily, Stephen and Danny. 

THE RUGBY HAS STARTED. Which is why the header of this blog post is called "I'm not welsh anymore" 
Wales are playing awfully and it's genuinely making me super depressed. They won one out of two matches, and although it's more than Scotland and Italy, were definitely not going to win the championship, in fact if I could put my money on anyone to win the grand slam/championship my money would be going on Ireland this year. FAAAAANTASTIC.

We started watching American Horror Story and I swear to god, if have never watched anything so freaky in my entire life. The first series is called "Murder House" and it's about a house that a shit load of people have been killed in, and in gruesome ways. I don't know why we're watching it but we've literally watched a whole season in 2 nights. 
We've also come up with a drinking game for Mr Selfridge, and it's pretty hilarious. I havnt participated thus far, but I will let people know how it goes.

That's all for now. 
Kirsten x


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