Thursday 30 January 2014

House hunting gets boring sometimes. Getting drunk doesnt.



Not much has really happened the past 2 weeks except it was Austins and Jazmins birthdays.

Jazmin turned 20, Austin turned 21!
These birthdays turned last Wednesday into a complete wreck..
Everyone got wasted, and we all done some pretty silly things.
Wednesday evening started off quite uneventful, except Ellie and I said we would help Eric and Hannah with their assignment. They had to make a film, and their pitch thing was freaking great. They had someone stealing bacon and they put like 3 genres in the film (western, film noir and normal) and I got to play the person who got their bacon stolen which is pretty ironic because i'm not really fussed on bacon. Despite being super excited to be in their film, I was also very nervous because i cant act for shit. I get really giggly! From that experience I will take away knowledge that I should not act, I always pull the beaker face when im trying now to laugh, and that the line "you stole my bacon" can be put into so many situations.
This went on till about 9pm because everyone was pre drinking in our flat.. I literally got ready so so fast i cant recall.
Emily then turned up and sat on my bed amongst all the balloons we had blown up and watched me get ready.
Pre drinking consisted of playing beer pong, chandelier and popping Liams balloon babies.
Also, something else happened while pre drinking which excites me so much.. WE GOT A FLAT PHOTO! The fact that not all of us go out together often means it doesnt happen. But everyone was in the kitchen celebrating Austin and Jazmin's birthday,so we managed to get one!!
By this time, we were all relatively drunk thanks to downed ciders and a glass full of Jager. We decided to leave for Moos. My favourite part of the night consisted of Emily, Hannah and I dinosaur running down the high street, then Eric, Emily and I skipped down the road by Moos. I also patted Georgia on the head(Sorry!!)
I wish I could tell you events of the rest of the night, but the memories escape me. Either that or they're too embarrassing to relive.
The hangover the next day was pretty non existent seeing as im sure I was still drunk till about 3pm.

House hunting has been happening thing week and we've all changed minds about whose living with who so many times i've lost count. I actually gave up and came back to Cardiff early. Early enough to see Lowri on her opening night!!!

Lowri is currently doing a play called "Mort" which was originally a novel by Terry Pratchett. She legit only auditioned for a part because Lizard-face Cumberbatch (Benedict Cumberbatch) told her to. Which im glad he did. I was so proud of her. Which you'll have seen if you have me on Facebook or follow my Instagram.
She played the maid. Ive never seen Lowri do anything like this so it was really nice to see her performing! Also, if you actually know her, Its a shock to see her wear heels and SHE DID. Extra marks for her.
Also, shes befriended the lead in the play, and he is absolutely gorgeous.
I also got to see Hannah, which was lush .

Thats it thats happened these passed 2 weeks!
Kirsten x


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