Wednesday 29 July 2015

3 things I know to be true: summer blues


Hi guys! :-)

Im back with another one of these blogs. I thought i'd do a little post about what i've come to realise over the summer. I thought i'd put it out there that im probably going to be blogging a hell of a lot more seeing as i've got a new macbook! It is now my new baby and ive fallen well and truly in love with it. Its making my netflix addiction a hell of a lot worse though seeing as I now have access to a larger screen and american netflix as well as british! 

I've done a few of these posts previously so im just going to link them here - [1] [2] [3]

  1. I wasnt born to be in retail.
Over the summer I was blessed to be given a job back where I used to work, except on a concession. Lacoste to be exact. When I say blessed, I genuinely mean it. I honestly dont think I've ever had so much fun working, that includes bar work (which I loved) Im currently covering for my manager who has just had two little boys arrive. Im working 5 days a week and im so glad to not be home sat on my arse. To make things a little bit better, this job is paying for me to go to Amsterdam in January. However, it has reminded me how much I dislike the human race. Customers can be some of the worst people and can 100% spoil my mood. I wish I could say its usually the older generation that are rude, but its usually middle aged people who don't know what the hell manners are. E.G - A lady came in for a refund the other day, she asked me to help, so I told her I could, providing what it was. Her reply "Just a couple of bits" I said to her, "Ok, thats no worries, have you got your receipt?" Baring in mind here - people cannot return ladies wear to mens wear. Everything she had was ladieswear. I told her she actually couldn't return them in the mens section. She politely told me that i should stop interfering in the worst tone imaginable. I was gobsmacked. The woman waiting for her husband to try on clothes could believe the audacity of her. 
Rule one of retail: Dont go in to the business if you have a really quick temper. 

2. I miss Cheltenham. 

This time last year I really didnt want to go back, which is weird because i'm now hankering to go back to Cheltenham so bad. Literally because I miss the vibe of the place so bad. I miss Pitville park and Hannah, Ryan and Emily a hell of a lot. I went up at the end of June to see a friend but didn't get to see a lot of Cheltenham which makes me super sad. The only thing is that because next year will need a lot of attention, I wont get to come home a lot, so I wont get to see Cathy a hell of a lot which makes me sad. I also wont get to see my little slag, Jenny. Honestly, I also miss being at uni. I miss going to gigs and seeing some of the POM's perform. Im pretty stoked for this year as i'm going to be helping out with putting the gigs on for the ALT music society,  I get to put on my own event with a few of my favourite people and I already have a few ideas for both.

3. Homeware shopping is the most fun ive had since coming back. 

I wish this was a joke, seriously. Im not though. When i go back to university in September, I will be moving into a flat with Hannah and Emily and I decided to get all new stuff! So that means new duvet covers, new plate patterns, new glasses everything! Im turning into an old dear at the ripe old age of 22. 

Thats it for now I think. 
Kirst x


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