Monday 18 May 2015

5000 reads and finishing second year.


Whats up, what up, what uppppppp!

This blog post is in aid of reaching 5000 reads, but also because after Thursday my second year will finally be done. 

I'm not going to lie, this year has been hard. 
Work wise, and living wise. 
I've always been told "second year is the hardest, you need to knuckle down and get working"
I never took it seriously, so obviously i'm sat here now, lacking the motivation to even start my last assignment. So what did I decide to do? Reminisce on the past year.

Obviously ive just said the work load was ridiculous and its also made me hate the human race more than anyone can imagine. However, it's also made me love it a bit more. Contradictory, I know. 
Last year, Emily, Ellie and I got told that people thought we hated everyone because we never spoke to anyone. God knows thats changed.

I think this is the first year of my entire life where i've actually made an effort to talk to people that im surrounded by and I'm quite proud of that fact. Not only have I met some absolutely fantastic people this year, I can now class a select few of them as good friends. I'm hoping if those people read this, they'll realise that i'm on about them.

I also became a part of a society, which I actually really enjoy. I've had the chance to listen and to get to know some of the most amazing musicians. 

Although I can't wait to get away from Cheltenham for the summer, I'm gonna miss my Chelt family so much. Im also very eager to move into my new flat next year. 
I think we already have some pretty sweet ideas, and I GET A DOUBLE BED! 

Next year is going to be my last year in university. 
How mad is that?
I can honestly remember the days where:
  1. I visited the university for my applicant day.  That was the first day I met Emily.
  2. I actually got into university. I screamed the house down.
  3. I moved in. 

Its been such a weird couple of years, and i'm still not sure how I feel about them. Obviously I've met some of the most lovely people, grown as a person and learn to become at least a tiny bit independent. But a part of me still wonders what I would be doing if I never came to uni, if I never moved to Cheltenham. Would I be the person I am now?
Guess I'll never find out. 

Thats is for now.
My next post will more than likely be on the weekend to tell you about my birthday!
Kirst x


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