Saturday 14 June 2014

Summer is here.. Unfortunately.


Hi guys!

I know I havnt posted much recently but that literally because I havnt known what to say. Thats not because nothing has happened, its simply because I hadnt known how to put what I wanted to say in words. So i'm not going to.
I'm just going to let everyone know what ive been up to, and then tell people my 5 top summer tunes, and my reading list for these next couple of months.

Sounds good enough, right?

When I returned from Cardiff after my birthday, I did nothing. Ry left the Sunday after I got back, which wasn't nice.
Ellie and I also worked this pretty kickass festival called Wychwood, which takes place in Cheltenham every year.
We were asked to work a total of 16 hours over a course of 3 days in return for a ticket which is a pretty sweet deal. However, they hired too many volenteers, so only ended up working 5 hours. We got to see some amazing artists, including Newton Fawkner, Bad Manners, and The Boomtown Rats. It was so crazy knowing that Ellie, Hannah and I were that close to Sir Bob Geldof. It was one of the best experiences ive had since being at university so far.
While I was back, Hannah and Eric was finishing off their final project, which I keep mentioning taking up a load of their time. They finally finished it, and its crazy good. In fact, they have made a kickstarter because they're looking to put it in some film festivals, i'll stick a link at the bottem of this blog post in case anyone wants to have a look!
Tuesday just gone, Hannah, Eric and I went on a little trip to London.
It was great.
All except the wake up at 4am. I honestly think it wiped us out for the rest of the day, especially because some of the pricks that live below us decided to wake us both up at 1/2am and we didnt get back to sleep.
But once we were there and had coffee we were both fine.
We took a trip to Harrods, which was freaking FANTASTIC. I think I drooled over all the clothes and shoes that they sold there. We also walked around Covent Gardens, visited Piccadilly Circus and Trafalgar Square. We had a look down Oxford Street, which also meant we had a look in Selfridges where Hannah and I bought hipster water that we had seen on Tumblr, and Instagram. We also popped into the Disney shop, (the biggest I had seen) and I ended up buying a little alien teddy from Toy Story as my new travel companion.
We then proceeded to spend about an hour and a half in Hyde Park lying down enjoying the sun when a certain Duchess of Cambridge drove passed us.
The next day I moved out of Regency. It was a sad, sad moment for me. As the week before that, all I had done was talk about memories from beginning of freshers and the rest of the year. All I kept thinking
about was how I would never have met the people I had if i hadnt got into these halls and how great of a year ive had.

When I'd got home, I managed to persuade my mum to get a cat!
Meet Belle.

Nothing else has really happened.

Reading list:

Cecelia Ahern - How to fall in love.
George R.R Martin - Dancing with Dragons pt 1/2

Thats all I have so far, but there will be more added.

Summer tunes.

Kiesza - Hideaway

Ed Sheeran - Sing

I recommend checking the video for this out.

Mcfly - Star girl

Pharrell Williams - Happy

David Guetta - Bad

And Im going to add another song because it deserves all the recognition possible.

John Legend - All of Me

Ok, thats all for now.
Hope you enjoyed.
heres that link for my buddies kickstarter.
H.M.S Scarlet

Kirst x


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