Tuesday 20 May 2014

I love my friends


What uppppp!

This evening has honestly been the most perfect evening and one of the best birthdays ive ever had.
Hannah and Megan decided that they were going to suprise me for my birthday and I was well and truly suprised.

They had booked a table at Harvester for me because you know, I love me a bit of Harvester.
Emily had came back from Birkenstead to act as a detour for me so I would stay away from Regency for a bit. Of course, I'm a stubborn bitch and it didn't quite go to plan. Em and I got to the restaurant like 45 minutes late (sorry guys)
But honestly one of the nicest things someones ever done for me. I was reduced to tears within something like the first half hour.
First of all, at my card.

I mainly cried because of Hannahs message, which basically said I was like her best friend and her sister.
This is very unusual for Hannah to say as she is a very unexpressive person. So to hear her say that stuff warmed my heart. The other people said crazy lovely things aswell..
except Eric the cock, who basically called me old.
Emily then made me cry a bit more by saying that, although I was a clumsy idiot, I was a lovable idiot. Also I was the mum of the group. Damn girl.

The meal went on with the waiter calling me birthday girl constantly. Emily crying constantly, and then me crying at Ryan.
The only thing that could have made it better was if the film students could have come.
They were behind like 3 hours on their shoot which sucks, so they had to stay in uni!
Honestly, when Han walked through the door, I jumped on her!
She then came back in with my birthday present..

Which, again, i freaking cried..
If people know me, then they know that Peter Pan is my favourite Disney film.

Megan then came in with her gifts

She gave me a necklace with the word "okay?" on it..

 She also got me dish cloths.. which are an inside joke. The tag says "towel" (please re read my blog to get the joke)
and a duck shaped soap from Avignon, in France.
I also got two 21 birthday badges, one for each boob.
They also got me a red velvet birthday cake, which is my favourite cake flavour.

Thank you guys! You are the best people ever!!! Im going to add a bigger thank you to Han, Ryan and Meg for all the effort you made!

Thats all for now.
Im probably going to update tomorrow aswell, seeing as ive gotta do my other blog post which is attached to yesterdays!
Kirst x


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