Saturday 14 November 2015

I don’t think that means what you think it means



I thought I would write a post about these past two days and what I've been up to.
Im back to my old tricks and writing when I'm hungover so apologies if sentences don't make sense or I make silly spelling errors. 


A couple of months ago, this bloke followed me on twitter called "TidalPete". I had a stalk and assumed that he was just following me to get some promotion for his band, so I followed him back and thought nothing of it. A couple of weeks later, I received a DM (direct message) from this guy mentioning that he to wrote a blog and that I should check out his posts. We started talking about why he decided to start writing a blog and stuff, so I decided that he seemed decent and checked out his band.

What I have found out about this band: 
  1. They are from Peterborough, which is freaking miles away.
  2. Two of the members are also in a band called "Tidal Dave" and another is in another band called "One Nation"
  3. They literally have their self promotion game DOWN!
  4. They're pretty sick live. If you get the chance, then please go and have a watch. Pete jumps around like a whippet on acid and its brilliant to watch. They're all pretty great instrumentalists.
  5. Theyre really nice guys.

You may be thinking, what does this have to do about the past two days?
Well, Thursday evening my two buddies from Cardiff came down to see me, so we could travel up to Peterborough to watch them live. 
Thursday night, Jenny and Ellie managed to persuade Abbie and I to go to props. Props the night before driving two and a half hours was never a good idea, but it was a lot of fun introducing them to propaganda. As far as I know, They had a great night.

The next morning we set off on our road trip, and it was the longest drive I have ever been on which included Abbie saying "Peterborough yay" every time she saw signs, lots of singing and catching up as I havn't seen my babies for nearly three months. Once we got there, we grabbed food and pre drinks and went to get ready! I honestly think that if alcohol hadnt been involved in last night, i would have passed out. 

First up was a guy called B-Sydes

This guy was so cool and super humble. We saw him after his set and I told him how great he was, and he literally didnt stop hugging me and thanking me. 

Next, a band called Scumbus. 

Literally the most funny band ive heard. At one point, the lead singer had a sombrero on and their song definitely had a mexican tone to it. 

Photo Finish were up next.

Photo Finish were the reason we went, and they did not disappoint! They honestly have so much stage presence and they play so well live! Like i said earlier, Pete jumps around like a complete loon, and at one point, put his guitar and just went and stood in the crowd. Baring in mind, they were in the middle of their cover of All Time Low. I asked him why later that night, and his reply? "Cos I can"

One Nation played next.

Unfortunately, I didnt get to see much of these which im pretty gutted about because what I did get to see was pretty damn sick. 

The headliner, Old School Reasons were last.

These guys were literally the shit. I can 100% confirm that I am a definite fan after seeing these guys! At the end of the set, they got the crowd to do a death wall, which had me concerned about peoples lives that I didnt even know, and the lead singer crowd surfed.. 
Honestly, the best part of their set which made my whole night was two blokes got up in front of the lead guitarists microphone and started miming.. 
Im not sure whether it was because I was pretty drunk at the time but it was honestly so freaking funny. 

After the gig had finished, the venue turned into a nightclub, so we all proceeded to get insanely drunk with the bands and we dance and met lots of lovely people including the Bassist,  Luke's girlfriend and a couple of people that Photo Finish knew personally so that was pretty sweet.

Definitely must have been a good night, because woke up this morning with a penis drew on one hand and I heart PFx on the other (Cheers Peter)

Tidal Pete, Me, Jenny, Abbie, Mark from Old School Reasons

If any of you want to check any of these musicians out,
I'll leave some links below. 

There we go.
Thats all folks.
Hope you enjoy it.
Please go check out those bands, promise you wont be disappointed.
Kirst x


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