Saturday 22 March 2014

My first time.


Hi there, people of the internet.

I know what the title said, and it is very misleading.
What im really going to write is about first times that arent as sexual as that!

First Best Friend - 
My first best friend was a girl called Rachel. We met in primary school and we were very close up until I went to uni. Unfortunately, we aren't as close as were were. But shes a lovely girl.
First Kiss -
My first kiss was when I was like 15 or some shit. I had a boyfriend around that time and we kissed outside some hall after a gig he did. (He was a guitarist.) It wasnt the best kiss ive had, but it was the first, so.
First Concert -
My first proper gig was a band called Blue. They were literally my first boy band experience and I loved them. The concert was freaking great, they came onto the stage climbing down a robe, and Lee Ryan noticed me. It was fantastic. They then split up after they finished the tour and it broke me heart.
First Celebrity Crush -
My first crush was Orlando Bloom, and i swear I still have the most massive crush on him ever.
First Word - 
I literally just text my mum and she said it was "Muma"
First Pet - 
It was a boxer called Lucy, she was so cute.

First Job - 
My first job was a Sales Assistant at House of Fraser, in a food hall. It was my favourite and I was there for 4 years. I legit miss it so much.
First Phone - 
Like everyone, it was one of those nokia bricks. Literally only had one because my mum didnt trust me without a phone during high school!
First Tweet - 
"only just got twitter and has no idea what to do on here!"
First Make-Up - 
It was probably eyeliner, or mascara! That was the only thing i wore during high school!

Thats it. 
Thanks for reading. 
Megan, Hannah, and Emily, you're up!


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