Saturday 31 January 2015

5 tips on how to "people"


Hi guys!

For this blog post, I decided to do another one of the ideas of my little list. This is my idiots guide on how to 'people.'
If any of you know me personally, you'll know that im not the brightest bulb in the pack. I ask silly questions, I walk into doors frequently whilst sober, and I make very irresponsible decisions. In fact, my friends and I have come to the conclusion that im  more responsible drunk, than sober. This came about because I done something something most stupid that probably could have been excused if I was drunk. However, It happened the morning after the night before. This decision has carried on happening since the idea started, and its most likely not going to stop happening for a while.

I came to the conclusion that maybe there are other people like me that have problems with being a normal human, so I thought I would blog about it.

1. Find a group of humans that accepts you for who you are. 
I was a lucky bunny when I came to uni, and was stuck with the likes of Hannah and Eric. Although they arent idiots they are very odd so struck gold, in a sense. The same with my housemates currently. I couldnt name a completely sane one. I also get along really well with the majority of them. So I feel comfortable asking stupid questions, and coming up with silly theories. I know the majority of the time they propbably are laughing at me, but the laughter does die down and then they'll try to answer my question to the best of their ability. They also accept my very odd imagination. Last week, before Emily went home, Hannah and I came up with this theory that I was a slave trader. Selling my friends to people, to make them cups of tea. I was trading them for sheep. I was drunk when I came up with this, but my friends still humoured me.

2. Try and find something you're actually good at.
I think that theres always that chance that people think you're a complete idiot as soon as you ask something stupid, or do something silly by accident. But if you have a useful talent, then I reckon that it pushes you up the scale. I reckon its quite lucky that im able to cook a decent meal and can clean quite well. Otherwise I would probably be deemed as useless.

3. Try not to walk into things in public.
YOU WILL BE CLASSED AS FRAGILE AND CLUMSY. I have woken up with far too many bruises because ive walked into doors, or tables. Its not smart, its not clever, and it actually really hurts. It also doesnt look entirely attractive.

4. Keep your mouth shut.
The amount of times ive said something either out of turn, or something that was completely wrong and been given the "Shut up dickhead" look in uncountable. It does get boring, but I can never seem to shut up. Like, it could be classed as verbal vomit. It just keeps coming out. Its like, I cant stop talking when  I get nervous/anxious.

5. Try not to ask silly questions.
Like I have said, I tend to ask the most ridiculous questions I can think of. Again, its not on purpose I just act on impulse and then get laughed at. Verbal vomit, once again,

Thats all for now.
I hope you enjoyed this blog post.
Lots of love,


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